Executive Conversation & Demo

Accelerate Transformation with a Digital Operating Rhythm

3M WorkBoard

Join Patrick Thompson, Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer at Albemarle Corporation, and WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad, as they discuss:

  • The CEO's strategy execution imperative
  • OKRs that automatically tie into digital Monthly Business Reviews (MBRs) to de-risk faster and take fast, full advantage of industry opportunities
  • Energizing work-from-anywhere (WFA) employees on the mission to accelerate strategy execution
  • How Albemarle uses WorkBoard to achieve its growth strategy faster

Patrick shares his wisdom executing growth and transformation strategies as a partner to growth-hungry CEOs and why a digital operating rhythm is crucial to speed and agility today.

Who should watch?

  • CIOs accelerating transformation
  • CEOs with urgency to execute their strategy
  • Strategy and operations leaders driving the operating rhythm or elevating the value of OKRs
  • Anyone interested in accelerating transformation in their organization

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Patrick Thompson
Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer


Patrick Thompson is a proven executive leader who has helped global Fortune 500 companies achieve operational performance and back office efficiencies. As Albemarle's Chief Information & Digital Transformation Officer, he is responsible for developing and executing Global Information Technology Digital Business Transformation Strategy and Global Business Shared Services. He has worked in several C-Level and consulting roles to build profitable companies and grow top and bottom line performance. He has been named as a Top 100 CIO by both CIO and Computerworld magazines, and in 2019 he was inducted into the CIO Hall of Fame by CIO.com.

Deidre Paknad
CEO and Cofounder


Deidre Paknad has founded and led three tech startups, acquired companies and been acquired, and led a high-growth business as an executive at IBM for several years; this affords her a unique perspective on using both speed and scale to drive growth. In her role as CEO at WorkBoard, she works with senior leadership teams at some of the world’s largest companies to clarify, align, and drive strategic priorities with greater speed and agility. She has 17 patents and has twice been inducted into the Smithsonian for innovation.