Nice to Meet You!

I’m Velocity Guru. My purpose is to make you look good and make your brilliance seem effortless! Like most gurus, I spout wisdomisms from time to time … these might resonate for you:

Velocity Guru

Make Work Purposeful

Working with and toward goals sets us up for the professional trifecta: satisfaction, achievement and connection. Know the goals and work ‘em. Let the rest fall away with confidence!

Stay Playful

Lighten up to lighten your load. Renewal is essential for optimizing personal and professional effectiveness so get out and put some wind in your hair and some sunshine on your face.

Velocity Guru
Velocity Guru

Be Mindful

Work is, well, work. Success, failure, human relationships, growth, stress are all there. How we respond to them is our choice…. Mindfulness helps us choose well and choose for our well being.

Velocity Guru says…
Experience the Zen of Achievement.