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Alignment without accountability is all pain, no gain, so WorkBoard flows OKRs into your operating rhythm with streamlined business reviews, automated scorecards, and ties to workstreams.

81%Foster a culture of ambition and creativity that fuels Acme 2030Danielle Levitz: Information Technology72%Optimize investments and company resources so we can accelerate innovationDanielle Levitz: Information Technology63%Technology leads the way to a digital businessDanielle Levitz: Information TechnologyFY Q2 OBJECTIVESSHOW KEY RESULTS4.5%of 5%Shift another 5% of our non-mfg workload to cloud Danielle Levitz300of 458Kevin CampbellEvery IT employee has a 5 year professional growth plan in place (458 including new projected hires for next quarter)50of 100%Cloud Compute and Analytics MVP launch use test execution complete before shipping Maria Manzano61of 90%We deliver against 90% of our IT projects Kavin CampbellDIGITAL & TECH HEADLIGHT METRICSROBOTIC PROCESS AUTOMATION - INNOVATING BY REPLACING MANUAL PROCESSES Q2 PERSPECTIVEDanielle, ask from you to reach out to region leads to drive urgency Only live in 1 NA location as of today but anticipating strong momentum in the coming 2-3 weeks that should allow us to hit our target of 6 locations by EOQ. The digital workplace uptake is driving more than 30k engagement touchpoints monthly. There's tons of learnings here that can be applied to other areas. Kevin has the lead on that.Focus Condition Monitoring: RPA Progress, Gaps, & Forecast We encountered some issues in several countries that have slowed progress on Visa and Passport RPA - likely to lower the annualized savings by $11M if we can't resolve, and will have a $900k cost hit if we delay 1 month As of March 1, we had full sign-off from Corporate Legal and each country's legal team Target is 43 locations for both processes, and we quickly deployed the HR RPA to all 43! Shout-out to Kevin, Serena, and the team. The intricacies of multiple country jurisdictions was challenging and the squad met the challenges with an unflappable attitude.806040200May 6May 13May 20 May 27Jun 3Jun 10Jun 17Jun 24Jul 1Jul 8Jul 15Jul 22Product & Technology Leadership MBRDanielle LevitzBiz ReviewsProduct & Technology Monthly Business ReviewsManual Visa & Passport Intake Steps Manual HR Intake Steps

Easily share results with Scorecards

WorkBoard Scorecards make it easy to share the status of multiple key results, along with helpful narrative — all in a single view. No more manually copying data, or getting out of sync with the truth.

  • Create a one-slide-view of key results — include the narrative next to the numbers and easily share with your team or the whole org
  • Build your scorecard once, customize to your brand, then share and present as often as needed
  • Always display real-time key result data to empower your team to make fast, informed business decisions
  • Present your scorecard as a meeting dashboard to focus conversations on unblocking obstacles and achieving results

Streamline business and ops reviews

Drive high focus and accountability far more efficiently. Combine and incorporate Strategy, Objectives, Key Results, and workstreams on WorkBoard’s digital business reviews – no scavenger hunt, duplicate data, or recreating the wheel.

  • Create as many biz reviews and dashboards as you need and share them selectively
  • Organize objectives, results, strategy, key actions and narratives in your context
  • Choose key results from any objective and WoBo MBRs charts them for you
  • Add images, videos, native PowerPoint slides, and other application data

End death-by-slide MBRs

Have the real conversations on plan vs actual and replace the 80 page decks with elegant, efficient digital business reviews in WorkBoard (and save millions of dollars).

  • Provide templates for all MBR presenters to populate
  • Populate MBRs in less than 5 minutes
  • Improve information integrity by bring objectives and intended results in seamlessly and eliminating data duplication
  • Organize digital MBRs into packets by board meeting or MBR cycle
  • Use snapshots to capture point in time reporting
  • Reduce meeting attendance by sharing MBRs — people don’t need the meeting to get the picture

Drive weekly focus on outcomes

Your strategy is executed in the millions of micro decisions people make every week. Ensure effort and time are focused on the right outcomes week to week, find and resolve risks faster, and make the important conversations easier.

  • One-click executive meeting view shows staff progress toward group objectives
  • Smart meeting agendas bring objectives and actual progress to key results into conversations effortlessly
  • Manager’s Monday message delivers results progress and risks for the week to focus attention

Mobilize on the work that drives outcomes

Quickly plan and align the work needed to achieve outcomes and ensure everyone knows the actions they own with Workstreams.

  • Organize actions in boards with built in workflow or your own columns
  • See who owns which action items and current status, narratives and risks
  • Cut through the noise with a simple view of your own actions this week
  • See team objectives in the same context as the many actions competing for time
  • See your own action item list next to your OKRs to make smarter decisions on where to spend time

WorkBoard Applications

WoBo MBRs & Workstreams works seamlessly with all WorkBoard applications

“We are so much better aligned! Monthly business reviews went from 4 hours to 45 minutes, they’re risk-focused, and no one wastes time gathering and presenting stale data.”

Tina Murphy
President, GHX

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