WoBo Meetings & Workstreams

Simplify monthly business reviews, focus weeklies and drive strategy execution more efficiently.

Simplify business and ops reviews

Build customized views that combine Objectives, Key Results, actuals, and narratives in less than 10 minutes. Reduce meeting prep by hours each month and reallocate valuable human capital to executing the strategy.

  • Freely arrange and group elements to facilitate focused conversations
  • Display images, videos, dynamic charts, PPT Slides, and more

Focus team weeklies & 1:1s

Automate weekly reports on progress and risk, and seamlessly include OKRs on team meetings and 1:1 agendas

  • Drive clarity and linkage to strategy on a weekly basis
  • Focus and de-risk weekly team efforts with automated weekly status updates and smart nudges for team leaders

Map progress to plan

Assign Action Items within meetings and seamlessly map steps to achieve objectives with dynamic project Workstreams. Ensure full transparency on progress to plan for all stakeholders.

  • Track and coordinate actions assigned to cross-functional stakeholders
  • Double click into each tile for notes, status updates, and due dates

WorkBoard's Strategy Execution Platform

Organization-wide clarity, alignment, and insights for growth


“We are so much better aligned! Monthly business reviews went from 4 hours to 45 minutes, they’re risk-focused, and no one wastes time gathering and presenting stale data.”

—Tina Murphy,  President, GHX

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