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Marketing and sales have become more complex and data intensive; it's easy to get bits and details and a backward-facing picture. However, it's become much more difficult to define and convey the big picture to the team, organize and execute the strategy, and achieve it with speed.

Give the team a full view of the plan and strategy, what needs to be executed and how the pieces come together for better outcomes with WorkBoard's Strategy & Results Management Platform.

Backward-facing transaction data but no forward view of plans and targets for the group and each team within it

Gain true alignment and radical clarity
Everyone knows the plan, their contribution and operating targets so it’s easy to see the big picture and focus on achieving results. Give people the tools to differentiate “activity” from “results”.

People intensive process to get a comprehensive and cross-functional view of the progress against the plan

See and respond to the full picture faster
Push-button snapshots with a cohesive picture of progress on your strategy with metrics rolled up automatically from disparate functions and systems. Make better decisions instantly and iterate more quickly.

Thousands of emails and spreadsheets tracking execution of the plan, which waste time and make it difficult to inspect progress or identify risk

Engage people in achieving better results
Easily goal-align and manage workstreams so everyone knows what they need to do and risks bubble up automatically. Simplify, scale and improve execution because your strategy is only as good as your execution.

Align Goals and Execution with WorkBoard

“With WorkBoard, we're goal aligned in real-time and achieving our best every day.”

Rani Hublou
CMO, 8x8

Run the business at full velocity.

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