Engage and Coach Your Team to Great Results

Engage and coach with regular 1on1 meetings

Have regular 1on1 conversations to help people progress

Take the team’s pulse to spot issues early

Set growth goals and coach people upward

Badges and cheers build team momentum

Give rising managers a framework to lead and young employees the experience they expect

Make Performance and Alignment Part of the Conversation

With an engaging, easy tool for calibrating on engagement, alignment and performance, managers and employees have more authentic conversations more often. Perception gaps are easy to spot and address — there’s no elephant in the room.

End of year, everyone has a journal of conversation and continuous graph of performance, alignment and engagement for the year.

Performance management with feedback on alignment and engagement

Build a Momentum Culture with Continuous Feedback.

Improve 1on1s with regular performance feedback

Set growth goals and get peer feedback

Take a weekly momentum pulse or survey perceptions

Give fun badges to recognize a great week or work, or acknowledge peers

Better performance management with regular reporting and feedback

Manage People and Performance More Efficiently

See people’s true impact and business contributions

View workload, business and individual goals, feedback and pulse points for all your directs

Balance loads and priorities, and spot alignment issues

Provide young managers with a tool and framework for managing well

Get alerts when people are overloaded or falling behind

Performance management with clarity on business goals

Engage the Team on the Go

Use mobile apps to access team work anytime, from anywhere

Schedule and update 1on1s, check progress on objectives and deliverables, and give fun badges with natural language Slack chatbot

Performance management with feedback on alignment and engagement Performance management with feedback on alignment and engagement

“We’ve institutionalized a better performance management model with WorkBoard.”

Aimee Allbritton
VP & CLO, Memorial Health System

Coaching & Feedback Resources

Blog: Be Fearless About Feedback

Be Fearless About Feedback

While feedback on what we do well is gratifying, feedback on what we can do better helps us improve. By viewing feedback as learning and leading opportunities, we maximize career and team velocity.

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Blog: Connect, Calibrate and Coach: A Formula for Great 1on1s

Connect, Calibrate and Coach: A Formula for Great 1on1s

If you lead a team, coaching people and giving regular feedback — positive and constructive — is part of the job. Put people at the top of your priority list and elevate your 1on1s with these 5 topics.

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Blog: Being Great Means Being Grateful

Coaching That Builds Skills and Careers

Today, 50% of companies are moving away from annual performance reviews to regular 1on1 conversations — here are 5 tips for managers and employees on how to make the most of them.

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