WorkBoard Enables Users of Any Skill Level to Dynamically Create OKR Dashboards and Business Reviews

Redwood City, CA, May 4, 2020 —   WorkBoard, the leader in Enterprise Strategy and Results Management, today announced new capabilities within its Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) software that allow users with no technical skills to dynamically create and share their own OKR and business management dashboards. WorkBoard users can instantly set, organize and share their own dashboards using a variety of automated charting options for objectives and key results along with images and data from other systems.

The new capabilities give dashboard creators the ability to section their dashboards by topic or function, select key results and chart type to create charts and comparisons, and add narratives and imagery to publish an all-new, purpose-specific dashboard in minutes. Today’s update further enables organizations to drive alignment and accountability in faster, more digital ways at a time when focus, transparency and efficiency are crucial.

“In large enterprises, business and operations reviews consume tens of thousands of hours every quarter as people at multiple levels of the organization generate and then meet on 50- and 100-page slide decks to review business progress. Each group needs to present its results with context and narrative, but It’s an extraordinarily slow and labor intensive way to manage the business,” said WorkBoard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad. “If you use OKRs to align and measure outcomes, your OKR platform should automate management and accountability reporting. These new Biz Review features give customers full flexibility and automation to organize, narrate and publish their plans and progress digitally — saving them thousands of hours each quarter while giving stakeholders contextual results visibility on demand.”

WorkBoard’s new update automatically and easily enables users to:

  • Combine any OKRs and KRs from across the org in a view.
  • Compare and contrast KRs from disparate objectives in a variety of charts and graphs.
  • Chart, graph, and group KRs in any combination for their own contextual view.
  • Incorporate operating data from other sources and interact with it dynamically.
  • Share editing and viewing permissions selectively or broadly.
  • Use presentation mode for meetings and shared screens.
  • Bring select operating data from disparate systems into context in one source of truth.
  • Access a single source of truth, so they can formulate their own conclusions, instead of checking several disparate sources.

Executives and chiefs of staffs can use these new features to:

  • Eliminate the need to gather data and prepare slides for business reviews. For a monthly business review, the run-up to meeting readiness typically takes weeks, and this capability gives execs continuous access to the facts in context, says Andrew Kisslo, Chief of Staff for Microsoft Azure marketing.
  • Organize staff and board meeting content without re-creating any data.
Executive Business Review Dashboard
Executive Business Review Dashboard

Function leaders can use these new features to:

  • Provide peer executives and their staffs with a context-rich picture of progress to key results and incorporate relevant operating data from systems that peer orgs don't otherwise see.
  • Automate status reporting and ops reviews to focus time on issues and risks rather than data gathering and presentation.
  • Publish analyses and insights for their key results so people have the data and what that data tells the team.
Team Business Review Dashboard
Team Business Review Dashboard

Teams can use these new features to:

  • Publish a narrative around their OKRs.
  • Highlight team decisions and points from huddles side-by-side with their OKRs.
  • Incorporate visual artifacts from their work product to showcase them within and across teams.
Function Leader Review Dashboard
Function Leader Review Dashboard

These new updates and features make it much easier to operationalize OKRs and bring them into the operating rhythm of the business, further establishing WorkBoard as the enterprise standard for OKR software. WorkBoard’s platform, complemented by its OKR coaching program, empowers customers, including industry leaders and innovators such as Comcast, Workday, Microsoft, Cision, Cisco and others, to keep teams productive without proximity and drive business resilience and results.

About OKRs:
OKRs are a technique for aligning objectives, defining desired results, and measuring progress in shorter, focused intervals. They are typically set for teams, unifying team members around common intentions with clear metrics for success, enabling cross-team alignment and connecting team outcomes to company outcomes. Made popular by startups, large enterprises began adopting them to respond to dynamic markets, close strategy alignment gaps, and engage more of their organization in strategy execution. Platform-enabled OKRs have now become essential to business resilience by enabling organizations to rapidly shift strategic priorities; giving all employees the ability to see company, function and group strategic priorities on demand; and quickly mobilizing and digitally connecting a distributed workforce to the most important work and outcomes.

About WorkBoard
WorkBoard enables Comcast, Cisco, Microsoft, Samsung, Workday, Zuora and other large enterprises to improve business resilience and results with its Enterprise Results Platform. WorkBoard’s SaaS platform enables companies to rapidly shift and align OKRs, gain enterprise-wide transparency on progress to plan, automate meetings and management reporting like QBRs and operating reviews, and connect team output to company outcomes. WorkBoard also pioneered OKR coaching to help companies collapse time to success with the OKR methodology and has certified over 1,500 coaches using its proven playbook. Backed by Andreessen Horowitz, GGV Capital, Workday Ventures and Microsoft’s M12, and based in Redwood City, Calif., WorkBoard is the enterprise standard for results management. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter @WorkBoardInc.

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