Calibrate OKRs Monday and Celebrate Friday

Effortless focus makes it ridiculously easy to manage at your best.


As a manager, knowing where to focus is half the battle for driving focus! There is a lot competing for your attention these days and it’s easy to let the team’s focus drift away from the results you all want to achieve. When attention is diverted for a few weeks, it’s hard to make up for lost time and get to your best possible results. We know you intend to crush your OKRs and you intend to recognize the team’s progress on the way – so we’re making it truly effortless!

We’ve built the Calibrate Monday/Celebrate Friday results ritual into WorkBoard and made it entirely chat driven right in Microsoft Teams. Every Monday morning, you get a short, sweet chat with the short list of what needs attention and where to focus this week. Every Friday, you get a nice tidy chat message with the results gains in the week and micro victories so you can be the hero manager and recognize the progress.

It’s effortless to be the manager you want to be: Organized, supportive, and driving business outcomes … without the Sunday night prep, status reports, fact fishing, or missing the forest for the trees.

Happy Monday – here’s what you need to know

This smart chat is ready for you right after your first coffee so it's easy to know what needs your attention and where to focus efforts.

Calibrate on Mondays

A more gratifying TGIF – what are we celebrating?

Stay right where you are in Teams... WorkBoard comes to you Friday afternoon with the results progress this week so you can enjoy it and give credit where credit is due.

Celebrate on Fridays

One click easy to recognize and encourage focus.

Without leaving chat, you’ll know who has drifted off course and who has made real progress. And right from chat in Teams, you can get the details and cheer or nudge your team forward. You don’t need to ask your team for status reports and wade through them to know who is achieving results and who needs to be more focused – so you can take smarter, faster action effortlessly. We're here to make you look good!

Calibrate and Celebrate is available now in Microsoft Teams.

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