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Get Started with WorkBoard GenAI

WorkBoard's Intelligent Enterprise platform embeds GenAI throughout to simplify strategy alignment and improve strategy execution. Use this eBook to start the conversation with executives and colleagues about the power and conveniences that generative AI and machine learning bring to strategy execution.

Increasing the Rhythm & Pulse of the Business

The transition to a digital operating rhythm is an opportunity to get all the benefits that a smart operating rhythm has to offer. Download this ebook for an introduction to getting aligned and driving accountability with a digital operating rhythm.

2021 Growth Benchmarks for CEOs

Learn how a Digital Operating Rhythm can drive a 13% competitive revenue advantage with the people you have.

Smarter Strategy, Less Friction, Faster Results

The biggest change of 2020 might be the rate of change itself. This ebook takes on the management legacies and latencies that slow organizations down and how to drive and thrive in an ever-faster world.

Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs

While many leaders have learned the "why" of OKRs being critical to smart growth from reading John Doerr's Measure What Matters — most organizations lack the practical knowledge on "how" to implement OKRs for meaningful results. This best practices guide shows how enterprises can move their entire organization to OKRs programmatically, quickly and successfully.

OKRs at Enterprise Scale

At its full potential, the Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) technique inspires and aligns every team on breakthrough results. While many leaders perceive the benefit of aligning with OKRs, few can successfully translate theory to practice. Learn how to implement OKRs in your organization, and achieve high results velocity today.