A Systematic Way to Get Strategy Execution Right

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Strategy execution is driven by an organization's operating cadence of rituals and actions that focus attention on the organization’s intention — its strategy. These rituals define the frequency of iteration, measurement and assessment of the strategy and execution progress.

For successful strategy execution, you will need:

1. The strategy you want to achieve

With WorkBoard, business leaders can define their multi-year strategy and easily communicate it across the organization:

  • Align on pillars and outcomes
  • Measure results and risks
  • Define investments
  • Align related strategies, mission and vision
  • Strategy on a page
  • Publish and disseminate

2. Aspects of strategy to achieve this year

WorkBoard's Objectives & Key Results (OKR) capabilities make it easy for teams to align on how they want to progress the long-term strategy this quarter and this year:

  • Align objectives and key results
  • Set target outcomes and results
  • Update progress on results
  • Source actuals from systems and people
  • Plan vs actual visibility
  • Risk and velocity alerts

3. Accountability for outcomes and actions

With WorkBoard's Scorecards and Ops Reviews, leaders can measure and communicate real-time OKR progress and flag risks, all without copying and pasting data.

  • Scorecards of planned vs actual key results
  • Leading and lagging measures
  • Biz and ops reviews with status of strategy, objectives and results, and workstreams
  • Organize by meeting/audience
  • Single source of truth on plans and actuals

4. Actions needed to achieve to execute well

Workstreams and Action Items help organize the execution of strategic initiatives in support of this quarter's OKRs:

  • Identify and organize work to be done
  • Assign actions and owners
  • Track status of each action
  • Manage status and health of workstreams
  • Sprint, board, list and persona views of work

Let us show you how WorkBoard can help you with setting strategy and improving your operating rhythm.

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