WorkBoard Jira Plug In: Team OKRs in the Jira Experience

Leila Alapour, Director of Product Management, WorkBoard  ::  Product

Thousands of engineers use WorkBoard to define and align the key results they drive through their work, much of which is tracked in Jira. WorkBoard's plug in and deep WorkBoard-Jira native integration make it much easier for teams to keep their big picture impact top of mind as they tackle everyday product decisions.

Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) in WorkBoard help clarify the purpose and business value of the work technical teams do every day while Jira helps keep that work organized and easy to get done. Purpose and productivity come together with WorkBoard OKRs inside Jira while teammates outside Jira use WorkBoard to see the development team's real impact on company strategic priorities.

This integration and native user experience complements WorkBoard’s existing Jira integration, which automatically updates results in WorkBoard when work is completed in Jira. With the plug in, developers have a tab in Jira with their WorkBoard My OKRs page and a page with any key results they steward that aren’t updated automatically as work is completed within Jira – for example the number of beta customers live.

In addition, key results are displayed on the Jira issues that are contributing to their progress, and developers can run JQL queries to report on issues that are not aligned to results, so it's easy to ensure the team’s work is aligned to the outcomes the organization wants to drive.

WorkBoard users with the Jira plug in can now:

  • Display full OKRs defined in WorkBoard as a tab in the Jira experience
  • See, navigate and comment on OKRs within Jira
  • Get a single list of key results across all OKRs and update them without leaving Jira
  • Automatically update key results data in WorkBoard as work is completed in Jira
  • See key result progress on the Jira issues that are driving them.
  • Quickly identify work in Jira that is (or is not) aligned to key result progress.
  • View results sourced from multiple Jira instances in WorkBoard or in Jira
  • Give the broader organization transparency on the business impact and progress of development work

WorkBoard’s solution is used by large enterprises and fast-growth companies to communicate, align, measure and achieve strategic priorities faster. While it’s typically used across the entire enterprise, the capabilities development teams use most enable them to:

  • Set team objectives and key results, including OKRs for products, pods and squads to better match how technology teams really work
  • Align OKRs and mirror key results across teams to surface dependencies more continuously and see how their work contributes to company growth and customer objectives
  • Automate tedious ops and product review preparation to give everyone continuous transparency on progress to strategic priorities without the heavy reporting burden
  • Enable smarter group meetings and huddles with objectives and key results on the agenda and tracking of decisions meeting to meeting

Agile development and OKRs: Why, what, and how to create more valuable products

OKRs help dev and technical teams consider and quantify how they contribute to the organization’s strategic priorities, clarify the “why” in their work and define the impact they want it to have.

OKRs answer the magic question: “What are you working on and why?”

And while the sprints and tasks in Jira or ADO help track what needs to be done, OKRs in WorkBoard track and convey the results the team is driving:

Objectives & Key Results

Why we are building and how value is measured…

Objective: Improve the security posture of our apps while reducing time to deploy

Key Results next 90 days:

  • Reduce identity remediation from 12 to 2 hours
  • 2 additional IdP patterns enable successful onboarding of apps in less than 8 hours – Bobby
  • Pass 3 failover tests of the IdP service in non-prod – Julie
  • 5 SOC use cases based off Red Team findings are in production – JIRA
  • Complete Password black listing for all N-based accounts –JIRA
  • Make a final recommendation and funding request based on completion of POC on SecureAuth gap assessment – Joe

Agile Development

What we are building and how…

Sprint: RACF SOC use case

  • Story: Endpoint change
  • Story: HTTP change
  • Story: Detect primary function

Sprint: Password Black Listing

  • Story: Language translation for Spanish
  • Story: SSO Mobile entry
  • Story: Performance tests
  • Story: HTTPS change

The WorkBoard plug in is now available for Jira Cloud and Jira On Prem in the Atlassian store.

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