Raise Your Transparency Game with Confidence Ratings and Results Predictions!


If you’re like most of us, you miss working in person with teammates and need more transparency than ever to succeed as a team. With so much competing for our time these days, it’s hard to know what really needs our attention and it’s exhausting to rely on video meetings to get basic status and visibility. There is plenty to worry about, so it would be nice to know when we don’t have to worry about results! That’s why we are excited to introduce two new ways to give colleagues transparency and get visibility yourself:

Confidence Ratings on key results make it easy to share your perspective and confidence in results progress with other stakeholders; now if you’re off pace but confident in the outcomes you can simply share that good news with everyone with your narrative.

Key Result Predictions plot your results trajectory over the course of the quarter so you can see where you are likely to land at current course and speed; these simple headlights give you and everyone else intelligence on where you’re on pace and where to pick it up.

Transparency is give to get - we’re making both easier

Confidence Ratings enable you to flag the risk level based on your perspective and add your opinion or narrative to the red-yellow-green risk level on key results (which is objectively calculated by WorkBoard based on the target, current progress, and time remaining). Tell colleagues that rely on your results what they can expect and offer your insights on underlying issues or successes so the whole team is more efficient.

As you set confidence ratings, they show up on all the views of key results and teammates get a notification (yes, one less topic to run down in a video meeting!). Change confidence ratings over time or as you tackle the roadblocks. They’re a super easy, effective way to guide others on what to expect over the quarter.

Sometimes predictable and best possible do work together

Key Results Predictions are augmented intelligence that show a KR’s trajectory — literally where you're likely to end the quarter on a key result. One of WorkBoard’s most important company key results is hiring this quarter, and our CEO Deidre has been driving weekly meetings with the extended leadership team using a Biz Review to drive focus and pace on hiring. She loves the new prediction because now she can see in less than a second that we are on the right trajectory for our best possible outcome!

Of course this means our weekly focus has paid off and it means we can confidently reduce the meeting cadence to turn attention to key results that aren’t on the same strong trajectory (yes, we have those too).

Note that predictions will be plotted for key results updated by a person with at least two data points, and aren’t yet being calculated for other key results.

We want to give a special thanks to the Juniper Networks and Zendesk teams for putting these on the roadmap!

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