Replace QBRs with Dynamic Business Reviews to Improve Organizational Speed

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Manage strategic priorities in real time

Now you no longer need to wait a month or quarter to understand progress on your strategic priorities with dynamic charts and graphs on WorkBoard Business Reviews. Create charts to graph progress and compare KPIs instantly for your strategic priorities and operations metrics.

These powerful capabilities enable business leaders and managers to get instant facts and with the ability to:

  • Compare and graph plan vs actual on key results and KPIs from any part of the organization in just seconds
  • Create and automatically populate Running Business Reviews for a product, business, partner or other group that shows key metric trends, strategic priorities, risks, initiatives and workstreams and high priority deliverables all in one place
  • Visualize trends and trajectory on objectives and key results (OKRs)
  • Automatically graph and present operating metrics and KPIs for strategic priorities for management from disparate data sources, including Excel
  • Curate content for the business review and share it selectively or broadly in the organization

Raise your team’s IQ and VQ

In fast markets, you need the smartest people and a high velocity quotient – the ability to achieve more with less. The Running Business Review and dynamic graphs help your team operate smarter and faster by:

  • Activating your strategic priorities week over week
  • Eliminating time-consuming manual management reporting so people have more capacity to drive results
  • Accelerating facts so risks are addressed earlier
  • Managing objectively and with data instead of opinions or hidden facts

For mature enterprises, WorkBoard transforms an antiquated approach to strategy alignment and progression into a dynamic, data-driven practice augmented by analytics and intelligence. For high-growth young companies, WorkBoard sustains organization speed, focus and purpose during exponential growth.

Get a personal demo and hear why start ups like Malwarebytes and Zuora and mature enterprises like IBM and Microsoft use WorkBoard to activate their strategies.

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