Recent Events

FutureNOW Inspiration Journey

June 21-22, 2017

Workboard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad hosted a portion of this 2–Day Inspiration Journey for transformative workplace leaders. FutureNOW's Journeys explore what top businesses are doing to engage their people, cultivate leadership, and light the path to a more innovative, more successful workplace.

Coffee Break with Game Changers Radio Show

March 15, 2017

Workboard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad takes part in a panel discussion on how to "Make Digital HR Your Reality — Be a Digital Winner."

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business Boot Camp for Experienced Leaders

November 16, 2016, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Workboard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad shared insights gleaned from her many years of experience leading teams and working with leaders and managers.

CHRO Online Roundtable: Performance Appraisal And Performance Management — Looking Backward Or Forward?

Live Online Discussion: Tuesday November 8th, 10:00am-10:30am Pacific

Workboard CEO Deidre Paknad lead a roundtable discussion on performance appraisal and performance management.

CEO Roundtable Discussion: Operational Excellence

Live Event: Thu, July 11
RocketSpace, 180 Sansome Street, San Francisco, CA

Workboard CEO Deidre Paknad led a roundtable discussion on operational excellence — what it is, why it's foundational for success, and how OKRs support excellence.

The Changing Relationship Between CIO & CEO: From Technology Strategy to Business Strategy

Executive Webinar: Thu, February 18, 10am-11am Pacific

CEOs increasingly want CIOs to lead digital transformation beyond IT and across the entire organization. Dr. Stuart Evans, author of Super Flexibility for Knowledge Enterprises, will lead this high impact executive webinar.

East Bay CIO Roundtable

Wed, January 13 Walnut Creek, CA

Workboard CEO and Cofounder Deidre Paknad shared her experience on “Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce” at the East Bay CIO Roundtable's 2016 kickoff meeting. These monthly meetings offer an opportunity for executives to discuss current challenges, learn what their peers are doing and hear real-life successes and failures.

Transformational Leadership: How To Change Your World

Webinar : December 10, 2015

A transformational leader is someone who paves the path for change while inspiring and enabling others to lead. The best leaders never get to the finish line alone. Why? Because leaders aren’t leaders without followers. During this high-energy webinar with strategy and transformation guru, Dr. Patti Fletcher, you will tap into transformational leadership.

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business New Manager Bootcamp

December 3, 2015, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

Workboard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad will share insights gleaned from her many years of experience leading teams and working with leaders and managers.

Dynamic Teaming and Leading — The New Normal

Webinar : November 17, 2015

Most managers see functional and organizational boundaries as barriers, yet to thrive in complex markets, organizations need boundary-spanning collaboration, cross-organizational thinking and dynamic rather than functional leadership. Maximize your organization’s agility and velocity by making dynamic teaming and leading its new normal.

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business HR Strategy Forum Annual Conference

November 5, 2015, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

As a seasoned executive and CEO of a leading achievement and engagement solution provider, Deidre Paknad will contribute to a panel discussion on the development of purpose-driven organizations, leading during dynamic shifts in an environment of accelerating change, and how Workboard helps teams align on a real-time basis.

Performance Management: Driving Performance Through Everyday Conversations

Webinar : October 15, 2015

48% of companies plan to replace performance reviews in the next 18 months — but with what? Join this webinar and conversation on the transformation trends and factors. Guest speaker Alicia Mandel, Chief Learning Officer & Vice President Organization Development at the Apollo Education Group, covers what aspects of goals and performance measurement stay, what needs to change and how to envision that change for your organization.

Goals & The Art of OKRA

Webinar : October 10, 2015

Bill Berry, Manager - Rates, Planning & Analysis at Tacoma Power, discusses how his team uses "Objective, Key Result and Actions" methodology to maximize goal achievement.

Elegant Execution

Webinar : October 10, 2015

David Lisi, Executive Director at Comcast, explains how he uses a focused execution strategy to keep his team's work aligned to corporate goals.

Achieving Perfect Alignment

Webinar : October 10, 2015

Jason Ellis, Director of Finance and Accounting at Crowdsource, discusses how he raises his team's achievement velocity through alignment of goals, execution and feedback.

Carnegie Mellon University Guest Lecturer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Webinar : September 30, 2015

With 4 startups, 19 patents, and 2 Smithsonian Innovation awards between them, Workboard co-founders Deidre Paknad and Daryoush Paknad will share insights and lessons learned as guest lecturers in Commercializing IP & Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University Silicon Valley.

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business New Manager Bootcamp

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business : September 10, 2015

Using her many years of experience leading teams and working with leaders and managers, Workboard CEO and co-founder Deidre Paknad will share insights to help new managers engage their teams in great achievement.

Strategies for Sustainability with Dave Sena

Webinar : August 27 & 28, 2015

In this two-part course, learn strategic frameworks for fundraising and how to create a fundraising culture that sustains the organization into the future. Learn how to improve succession planning and infrastructure tips that help optimize scarce resources and create long-term organization "memory."

Super Agile Development with Workboard

Webinar : August 8, 2015

Learn how Frontier Communications IT Manager John Henderson and his team leverage Workboard to release twice a month in their super agile development group.

Progress Over Status in Staff Meetings in Workboard

Webinar : June 25, 2015

See how Workboard helps Sr. Director of TV Distribution Technology Nader Kazemi and his team increase weekly staff meeting value, use the time to make important decisions and improve follow through.

Setting Goals & Cascading Execution with Workboard

Webinar : May 25, 2015

HWY 55 Burgers, Shakes and Fries COO Neal Dennis shares how Workboard helps him to set meaningful goals and drive execution across a fast-growing restaurant chain and franchise.

Eliminating Daily Standups & Improving Clarity with Workboard

Webinar : May 25, 2015

Senior Talent Manager James Bishop of Service King shares how Workboard helps to eliminate daily standups and achieve radical clarity for his team.