The OKR Podcast

Hosted by Deidre Paknad, WorkBoard CEO

Outcome Focus at Scale: Zuora’s OKR Story

Zuora CEO Tien Tzou and Deidre discuss the inverse relationship between a company’s growth and its alignment. As a company scales up, alignment on outcomes often goes down — the strategy doesn't trickle through the new layers and most people get further from customer.

Zuora's OKR program reconnects people to the outcomes they drive for customer and company; it's unlocking growth and unleashing the power of teams for this high-growth SaaS company. In this podcast, Tien talks about the shift to an outcome mindset, how OKRs are scaling managers and leaders to help scale the company, and why every day counts.

Tien is the CEO and Founder of Zuora, an innovative company that predicted the modern subscription economy well before others. He is a widely recognized thought leader on SaaS and the author of the best seller Subscribed. He holds an MBA from Stanford. He was employee 11 at Salesforce, where he was CMO and Chief Strategy Officer prior to founding Zuora.

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