The OKR Podcast

Hosted by Deidre Paknad, WorkBoard CEO

Time is Scarce - Use it Wisely

Tony Merritt talks about the cost of drift and the power of time and purpose to accelerate transformation. After more than two years with OKRs and WorkBoard, he shares how Secureworks shifted from reporting results to elevating them and how his team increased their own velocity. What started as "ivory tower OKRs" in a spreadsheet has become a business and transformation accelerator.

About Tony Merritt
Tony Merritt is the Director of Global Professional Services at Secureworks. With more than 20 years of high-tech experience ranging from startup businesses to Fortune 50 companies, he is a proven leader in cyber security services, product management and sales.

About Deidre Paknad
Deidre Paknad has founded and led three tech startups, acquired companies and been acquired, and led a high-growth business as an executive at IBM for several years; this affords her a unique perspective on using both speed and scale to drive growth. In her role as CEO at WorkBoard, she works with senior leadership teams at some of the world’s largest companies to clarify, align, and drive strategic priorities with greater speed and agility. She is a frequent speaker on Outcome Mindset™ and tapping into ambition.

Deidre has over a dozen patents and has twice been inducted into the Smithsonian Institution for innovation. Goldman Sachs named her one of the 100 most intriguing entrepreneurs of 2019. Deidre hosts The OKR Podcast, which focuses on accelerating outcomes and fostering an outcomes culture.

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