WorkBoard Introduces Generative AI across its full Strategy Execution Stack Including Co-Authoring of Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Action Plans & Scorecards

Redwood City, CA, May 18, 2023 —  WorkBoard, the leading SaaS platform for enterprise strategy execution, today announced integration of generative AI (genAI) across its full suite to close crucial alignment and execution gaps that plague enterprise strategy achievement. These advancements promise to dramatically accelerate the time it takes to align on strategy and OKRs across the organization, move from desired outcomes to best course of action and drive focus where it is most needed. This breakthrough in strategy execution ushers in a new era of high focus, efficiency, and agility for large enterprises that must execute well in dynamic markets despite resource constraints.

WorkBoard’s Co-Author will use Gen AI, and the new WorkBoard language model, WoBoLM, to enable enterprises to:

  1. Align outcomes across the organization in days, not weeks. Authoring and aligning OKRs across a complex organization can take many weeks, while misalignment wastes months. The new WorkBoard Co-Author collapses the time to align outcomes to minutes and days by generating draft OKRs based on the company's long-range strategies, previous OKR data, upline OKRs, and team-level results and retrospectives. The drafts are presented on an interactive whiteboard and the Co-Author helps teams measure both leading and lagging indicators of value.
  2. Move teams from outcomes to action plans in seconds. Using a set of objectives and results, and as well as the obstacles the team has described in their retros, WorkBoard Co-Author generates a draft plan of actions to achieve the OKRs. The team can interact with the actions and OKRs on the whiteboard, and quickly change assigned names and owners. By mapping out the actions to achieve outcomes in just minutes, teams can move into execution mode, immediately improving their odds of high achievement and avoiding miscommunication or wasted time.
  3. Drive fast focus and reduce meeting overhead. From a set of the team’s OKRs and their plans of action, WorkBoard’s Co-Author will draft scorecards and business reviews to drive strategy execution and quarter outcomes. This expands on the tens of thousands of hours WorkBoard’s platform already saves enterprises in the preparation of management decks for MBRs and QBRs today by delivering management briefs and insights to users and streamlining cross-functional coordination in the most complex enterprises.
  4. Manage holistically from strategy to execution. Before this innovation, it was virtually impossible for large enterprises to see how a long-range strategy and outcome drives current quarter objectives and results and the action plans to drive those results. In a large enterprise, this encompasses more than 2 million relationships and intersections between outcomes, OKRs, teams and their actions. Identifying major alignment and execution gaps or opportunities will now be exponentially easier with generated and inferred alignment using AI that ensures the elements connect via a delightful interactive user experience on a wide-angle canvas.

Deidre Paknad, CEO and Co-Founder of WorkBoard, expressed her excitement about the transformative impact of AI when combined with WorkBoard's decade of experience in strategy execution. She stated, "Generative AI helps us eliminate the last remaining friction in perfect strategy execution for customers by collapsing the time to align on long-range and near-term outcomes, develop action plans to achieve them, and manage against them efficiently at high scale and speed. Even more exciting is the ability to synthesize vast amounts of execution insight on the trajectory and friction to outcomes that can inform strategic choices."

Building on WorkBoard’s previous use of AI to infer alignment and recommend collaboration opportunities and leveraging its enormous, anonymized strategy execution data set, WorkBoard is building WoBoLM to ensure smart recommendations that advance strategy execution speed and certainty for its customers. With over 2.5 billion transactions per year to inform its learning model and a private-by-design data tenant for each customer, WorkBoard’s customers can confidently increase their execution advantages in a world where competitive research is made vastly easier by ChatGPT.

WorkBoard CTO and Co-Founder Daryoush Paknad said, “WorkBoard is enabling companies to harness the intelligence of their own strategy execution data managed in our platform while benefiting from the power of a domain-specific large language model to generate strong suggestions faster – without worrying that their data ever lands in the public domain or competitors’ hands.”

Joel Neeb, VP Execution and Transformation at VMware said, “The VMware team uses WorkBoard to help reduce operational debt by building transparency, focus, accountability, and now insights through AI. I am incredibly excited about today's newly announced innovations, which will allow leaders to build draft versions of strategies, OKRs and identify leading and lagging insights -- all based on historic precedent and previous success within the company. Ultimately this will help teams at every level improve their ability to plan, measure and iterate to better serve customers.”

A number of enterprises are already engaged as WorkBoard development partners, and the first set of capabilities will be available this quarter. This October, WorkBoard will showcase its end-to-end integration of Generative AI at its flagship user conference, Accelerate, where speakers from Bain, Intel, Albemarle, VMWare, CarMax, and others are speaking.

About WorkBoard
WorkBoard is a leading provider of enterprise strategy execution software, offering organization-wide alignment and accountability to companies across the globe. Intel, Walmart, VMWare, T-Mobile, AstraZeneca, Ford, and many others rely on WorkBoard's platform, playbook, and expertise to drive predictable strategy execution by aligning long-range strategy and OKRs, streamlining business reviews and scorecards, and focusing weeklies on outcomes. More than 15,000 people are certified in WorkBoard's Outcome Mindset Methodology™ for OKR Coaching and fuel a vibrant community of strategy leaders. The company is funded by Andreessen Horowitz, SoftBank, GGV, Workday Ventures, Intel Ventures, Capitol One Ventures, and others.

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