WorkBoard Announces The First Full Strategy Execution Stack with New Strategy Product and New Collaboration Canvases Across its Platform

Increasingly dynamic markets, distributed workforces, and industry transformation are driving demand for WorkBoard’s platform and pressing need to link long-range strategy and quarterly Objectives and Key Results and to improve inclusion in strategy achievement.

Redwood City, CA, April 12, 2022 —  WorkBoard Inc., the leading Strategy Execution Platform, announced today at its Accelerate Conference the launch of WoBo Strategy, a new product for managing long-range business and product strategies, and Collaboration Canvases, a new inclusive experience across the platform including its flagship OKR offering, WoBo Objectives. The new product and new innovation come at a time when enterprises everywhere must execute bold strategies in the face of increasingly volatile markets, widely distributed workforces, and transformation driven by technology change and ESG awareness.

WorkBoard’s full strategy execution stack now enables organizations to align on strategy efficiently and drive strategy execution more effectively:

  1. Align both long-range strategy and quarterly objectives and results (OKRs) across the organization, and link and iterate on the two in harmony
  2. Drive strategy execution more efficiently with automation of monthly business reviews and focused weeklies that reduce operational and strategy drag.

These platform advancements stem from WorkBoard’s deep expertise and leadership in the strategy execution domain, and high intimacy with its customers: 25% of the Fortune 100 use the platform today and for the past 16 quarters, 50% of WorkBoard’s revenues have come from existing customers expanding adoption. WorkBoard is the most widely adopted OKR system in the world, along with its popular Outcome Mindset Method for OKRs(™). T-Mobile, Accenture, AstraZeneca, Zendesk and DataRobot headlined the 2-day Accelerate Conference with more than 1,200 participants from 300+ global enterprises. Deloitte ranked WorkBoard #162 on its 2021 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 list based on 900% growth over 3 years.

“I’m very excited about WoBo Strategy and its ability to drive clear strategic thinking for the long term in concert with our near-term strategy execution in WoBo Objectives.”

—Gee Rittenhouse, CEO of Skyhigh Security (McAfee)

WoBo Strategy is a new product for teams to discuss and determine multi-year strategy, codify and measure progress toward it in a "strategy on a page", elegantly publish the strategy to other stakeholders, and link the long-range strategy to the quarterly OKRs that drive its near-term execution. Designed to create and manage company, business unit, product and key initiative strategies and see relationships and alignment between them, WoBo Strategy empowers teams in every part of the organization to think and operate more strategically.

WoBo Strategy

“As business and technology cycles accelerate, organizations must have a more adaptive strategy,” said Gee Rittenhouse, CEO of Skyhigh Security (McAfee) and former leader and SVP of Cisco’s Security Business Group. “WorkBoard’s OKR product provides incredible clarity and agility on our short-term objectives but with the volatility of the last two years, I realized we didn’t have the same clarity and agility on determining whether our long-range strategy was still aligned to customer needs. Today the underlying strategy assumptions are proven and disproven at a much faster pace. I’m very excited about WoBo Strategy and its ability to drive clear strategic thinking for the long term in concert with our near-term strategy execution in WoBo Objectives.”

Collaboration Canvases are a new inclusive collaboration paradigm that brings context and coaching to team conversations on strategy, objectives, learnings and results and link data and discussions seamlessly. At a time when workforces are widely distributed and inclusion is harder than ever, this new capability enables every team to coalesce more effectively and companies to tap the brilliance of every person in achieving its strategy. Unlike stand-alone whiteboard tools, Collaboration Canvases include real data on strategies, objectives, and results and teams’ decisions on strategy, objectives and results are automatically converted to data so teams can share, measure, and manage transparently rather than trap decisions in one team’s file.

WoBo Strategy

WorkBoard makes it effortless to flow from data to discussion to decision to data with purpose and context so teams easily measure progress, spot and discuss issues, and project and learn from actual results.

Strategy Canvas — For discussing and developing long-range strategies, this Canvas gives collaborators templates and coaching to establish and weigh their strategic options, brainstorm strategy pillars and assumptions, and align on their strategy. The strategy pillars, outcomes and assumptions are then published, measurable, and can be linked to quarterly OKRs to execute the strategy.

OKR Canvas — For team discussions on objectives and key results, this Canvas includes coaching to help every team set great objectives and key results. Bring other teams’ OKRs onto the Canvas to make aligning across the organization easier. Once the team has decided what its OKRs will be, they are effortlessly published, transparent across the org, and easily measured week to week.

Retro Canvas — As team’s look back and learn from their results, this Canvas includes the team’s data on objectives and outcomes arranged in context for a good conversation on victories, challenges and shifts they want to make from their learnings. From the same conversation, they can easily reset objectives and key results for the next period and their observations on victories and challenges are reusable data and insights for the team and the organization.

“I’m excited about WorkBoard’s platform and the Canvas experience – it is changing the way we discuss and drive our strategy, and making it far easier for people to participate in achievement,” says Patrick Thompson, CIO of Albemarle. “As a long-time fan of the Four Disciplines of Execution, I’m thrilled with how WorkBoard has digitally-enabled strategy execution and the operating rhythm.”

Collaboration Canvases are available now, and WoBo Strategy will be available to customers in Spring 2022. To learn more, please visit For a demo, please visit

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WorkBoard’s Strategy Execution Platform powers the digital operating rhythm of companies around the globe, enabling organizations to execute bold strategies faster with the resources they have. AstraZeneca, Ford, Humana, Microsoft, Walmart, Zendesk, and many others rely on WorkBoard’s platform, playbook, and expertise to align objectives (OKRs), streamline business reviews, focus weeklies and leverage analytics. The company is the pioneer and early innovator in the strategy execution space, and seamlessly integrated OKRs, MBRs and weekly status in 2016. More than 10,000 people are certified coaches in WorkBoard’s Outcome Mindset Method to their organizations gain speed and agility.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley with offices in 3 countries, WorkBoard was founded in 2013 and is backed by Andreessen Horowitz, SoftBank, GGV Capital, Workday Ventures, M12 (Microsoft), Intel Capital, Silicon Valley Bank, and Capital One Ventures. Learn more at

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