Workboard Introduces First Web App for Business Managers to Set Goals, Engage Employees, Execute Intelligently and Automate Status Reporting

Gives high-performing managers more time and capacity to lead by connecting and communicating goals, actions, status and feedback in a single app

Redwood City, CA, July 9, 2014 —  Workboard, Inc., a provider of management, teamwork and leadership solutions, today announced general availability of its flagship application to empower team leaders to track goal progress, enhance accountability and improve productivity.  Workboard is the first web app to tie goals, action items, employee feedback and status reports together for a simple collaboration and accountability solution team leaders can launch in minutes.

There is a tremendous engagement and execution gap in companies today.  According to Gallup, only 13% of employees are actively engaged in their work; 60% of employees don’t understand their organization’s goals and priorities and just 10% of executives sustainably achieve those goals according to Bain & Company’s Chris Zook.  Experts at Gallup and Harvard Business Review agree that the cause of the problem and its $500 billion cost is how managers spend their time.  In fact, Harvard Business Review article “Blue Ocean Leadership” posits that the bulk of that time is consumed by low-impact tasks like getting facts and preparing and reviewing status reports, which leaves little time for leadership activities that drive engagement and performance, such as setting strategy, communicating goals, empowering teams to execute, coaching and creating learning environments.

“To improve engagement and execution, managers first need an efficiency breakthrough,” said Deidre Paknad, CEO and Co-Founder of Workboard.  “Business has gotten far more complex and teams more global, but the tools for communicating and linking goals, actions, status and feedback haven’t improved in 20 years.  Workboard’s mission is to help managers boost their leadership capacity and their teams’ velocity by reducing the effort and increasing the impact of these essential activities.”

Workboard connects team goals to individuals’ action item lists, enables transparency and collaboration across the team, automates status reporting and provides scorecards on collective action items.  Already in use at more than 100 companies, Workboard enables teams to:

  • Achieve goals with greater velocity: With transparent goals, action items, scorecards and execution risks, teams stay focused on goal achievement.
  • Sustain management best practices: Objective Key Results (OKRs), Management by Objective (MBOs) and Get Things Done (GTD) methods are more feasible because objectives link to people and their action items and progress are visible.
  • Engage team members in great performance: From trophies to missed bullseyes, Workboard badges help managers give more engaging, timely feedback aligned with actions and results.
  • Eliminate tedious status reporting: Automated status reports free managers and their teams from chasing facts, preparing status reports and wasteful meetings.

Customer Accolades

Workboard has quickly spread across early customers who are strong advocates:

“I can manage where my time goes as leader and keep my team aligned on our priorities.  The executive team and I share and collaborate on work easily even with a full travel schedule.”  Stephanie Leffler, CEO, CrowdSource
“We get more done with Workboard.  Other collaboration apps assume a more static project pace that didn’t work for us; Workboard offers a better way to communicate vision and get visibility for a dynamic sales and business development team.”  Mike Masterson, Director, Strategic Business Development, Compuware
“Marketing has many demands for its time and it was tempting for the team to mistake urgent for important.  Workboard keeps us focused on goal achievement and makes it easier to be both responsive and responsible when new opportunities arise.”  Rani Hublou, Chief Marketing Officer, OneLogin
“We’ve cut email volume by 80%; our global team is happier and more productive.  They quickly adopted Workboard because it’s more fluid than other apps we’ve tried and it includes objectives and engaging feedback.”  Shahed Islam, Managing Director, SJ Innovation

Managers and their teams can get Workboard free and begin using it immediately.

About Workboard
Founded in 2014, Workboard, Inc., is a venture-backed provider of management, teamwork and leadership solutions.  The Workboard application is a team and productivity management solution that helps business teams increase velocity and performance.  Managers at hundreds of companies, including IBM, LinkedIn, Compuware, SoftLayer, BTRG, ForeScout, OneLogin, SJ Innovation and more rely on Workboard to improve productivity and collaboration.  The company publishes a popular Leadership Refresher blog for high performing managers and their teams.  For more information, visit

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