Workboard Introduces New Goals & Metrics App for Enterprise Managers to Engage Teams in Goal Achievement

App Ensures Goals, Metrics and Actions Are Aligned, Relevant and Transparent to Front Line Teams and Up-line Executives

Redwood City, CA, January 26, 2015 —   Workboard, a provider of leadership and management productivity applications, introduced the general availability of its new Goals & Metrics app today. The app enables managers to set clear and compelling goals, define success metrics and engage their teams in goal achievement more effectively. Because it is a seamless add-on to Workboard’s popular Team Velocity app, managers can now link team priorities and execution directly to business goals and metrics. For the first time, goals, metrics, priorities, work and feedback are aligned, integrated and transparent in a single app.

“People want to know the purpose of their work, feel connected to team achievement, get more transparency from their organizations and regular feedback on their work,” says Deidre Paknad, CEO and co-founder at Workboard. “While we set goals to achieve them, too often they are irrelevant to front line teams, disconnected from work and forgotten long before they're achieved. Workboard makes it easy to keep goals, metrics and actions relevant, aligned and transparent so managers can lead their teams to great achievement.”

3.1 billion people work and 76% of them use To Do lists, yet only 7% of understand the goals of their organization and what they need to do to achieve those goals. Managers are challenged to map and make goals relevant to their teams. As a consequence, 87% of employees aren’t actively engaged in achieving the goals of their organization – a colossal loss for companies and a source of dissatisfaction and dismay for people seeking purpose in their work.

With the release of the Workboard Goals & Metrics app, business goals, team priorities and individual To Do lists are easily and automatically aligned. A smart goals wizard walks managers through goal setting in less than a minute, so even those unfamiliar with metrics can be better leaders. Because the web and mobile app are directly accessible to users, both individual managers and entire organizations are now able to set measurable goals, cascade them through their teams, measure progress against goals and achieve transparency in minutes. A free companion app links goals to team priorities, action items and deliverables and automates weekly status reports; teams can focus on achievement and everyone has transparency.

“Agile, ongoing goal management is key to strong team performance,” said Josh Bersin, principal, and founder of Bersin by Deloitte, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “The multi-billion talent management software market is undergoing radical change. Engagement, empowerment, mobile apps, data, and new management tools will likely define the future. New mobile and social tools can help people manage goals, share progress, and align with the rest of the organization in exciting new ways.”

Workboard’s new Goals & Metrics app helps teams and organizations achieve their goals by increasing their relevance, reducing the effort to set and update them, and helping front line teams do the right work day to day. Rather than once or twice a year, people now connect with their goals and the actions to achieve them every day. The new app makes it easy to:

  1. Create and cascade goals that inspire: Managers can publish goals for each function and team they lead to focus efforts, then cascade and connect goals through the organization.

  2. Define and chart metrics for success: Quantify success with the ability to set multiple metrics for each goal and choose from several chart options to graph progress. Team members tasked with metric updates get reminders while everyone’s charts are automatically updated.

  3. Update dashboards on progress to goal: Eliminate tedious reporting and get visibility with goal dashboards that show days remaining and progress to target. See the execution status of work to support goal achievement, including red flags and delays.

  4. See goals and progress across the organization: Refined transparency settings let managers selectively share goals and metrics with up-line managers, direct reports, internal and external collaborators. Navigate the org chart to see cross-organization goal achievement.

  5. Link goals to the team’s work to build purpose and identify risks: With the free companion app, managers can link their team’s work to goals and teams can see what they’re striving for. Everyone has real-time execution status on the work needed to achieve shared goals.

Goal practices like OKRs, SMART goals, MBOs, KPI scorecards and metric-driven management are easier to sustain, and goals and metrics are visible and relevant to team members with Workboard Goals & Metrics.

The Goals & Metrics app is available today and costs $50 per month for managers and their team members. The monthly subscription includes the ability for managers to publish goals and metrics for their team members, cascade goals across teams, view goals and metrics and update progress against goals. The Goals & Metrics app can be used separately or in conjunction with the Workboard Team Velocity app. The optional free-forever Team Velocity app, available for web, Android and iOS, helps managers and their teams prioritize work, share and track action items, automate weekly status reports, and give more frequent, fun feedback.

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About Workboard
Founded in 2014, Workboard, Inc. is a fast-growing provider of leadership and goal achievement applications that enable managers to better engage and inspire their teams. The company was co-founded by CEO and serial entrepreneur Deidre Paknad and has enjoyed viral growth since its launch July 2014. The Workboard Goals & Metrics premium app enables leaders to align goals across a team or entire organization. The free Team Velocity app helps managers and teams manage priorities in real time, do and share work, automate status reports and improve feedback loops. Teams at thousands of organizations rely on Workboard including large pharmaceutical, financial, technology, oil and manufacturing companies. For more information, visit

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