SJ Innovation

“Workboard helps our global team execute with transparency, and we’ve cut email volume by 80%!”

Shahed Islam, Managing Director, SJ Innovation

Shahed Islam leads SJ Innovation and manages a large global delivery team with offices in US, Ukraine, India and Bangladesh.  He’s a technologist and a project execution guru who relies on his team to do great work coordinated over multiple time zones and long distances.

The top 5 reasons Shahed loves Workboard are:

We cut email volume by 80% with Workboard.

We use Workboard — not email — to share and distribute work, capture client requests, route things for approval and hand off deliverables across India, Bangladesh, Ukraine and the US.  We all rely on it.

Project management tools added work, Workboard adds velocity.

Project management tools were too heavy and rigid for our managers and leaders ; Workboard provides the goal and action tracking executives and managers need in addition to the more detailed status tracking our project staff needs.  We are all more agile. 

The team LOVES the badges — they look forward to them!

It’s so much more rewarding and effective to use Workboard badges for great feedback and constructive input than yet another email!  My team likes getting them and Workboard badges make it easy for me to engage.

Workboard replaced weekly status reports.

Our status reports track priorities and goal progress but took too much time and generated too many emails.   They’re much easier now because goal progress, priorities and status are always visible.

Action items from meetings used to go nowhere, now they go in Workboard.

With Workboard we make real progress from meeting to meeting.  Everyone can add takeaways during the meeting and instantly turn them into action items that can be tracked in Workboard — everyone knows what they’re responsible for and what’s getting done, without another meeting!

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“With Workboard, we're goal aligned in real-time and achieving our best every day.”

“Workboard provides the clarity the organization wants and the transparency we need to achieve our strategic goals with greater agility.”

“Workboard keeps our corporate goals visible and helps people stay focused on work that matters.”

“Workboard keeps all employee goals connected to our companywide mission and strategy.”

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