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Deutsche Telekom

Philipp Schett is the Managing Consultant for Strategy and Innovation at Deutsche Telekom Detecon Group, one of the world’s leading management consulting companies. The 1200-employee global organization needed greater alignment on strategy, more accountability for outcomes and faster, better results.

The top 5 reasons Philipp loves WorkBoard are:

“WorkBoard makes strategic priorities clear and accessible to everyone, so their efforts and decisions are high impact.”

The entire organization has radical clarity on their strategic priorities, and now they are more in sync with the market. Using chat in Microsoft Teams, people can see and engage on their team’s objectives, success metrics and results-aligned work.

“We've aligned the organization on business outcomes and results.”

Everyone can see on plan vs actual results, and updating KPIs is as simple as chat. With WorkBoard, it's easy to see how each team is contributing to strategic priorities and results.

“We have continuous access to real time status on success metrics and risks.”

With real time information, our teams have the ability to identify risks to the business plan as they surface, remove roadblocks and make better decisions faster.

“Every team enjoys more effective meetings and increase transparency.”

We've reduced meeting time by 40% while increasing transparency. And we've eliminated status meetings — instead, teams are able to get data on strategy and its execution right in WorkBoard, without calling a meeting.

“WorkBoard helped us improve business results by double digit points every quarter.”

With transparency and continuous visibility into strategic priorities, metrics for success and the work needed to achieve them, we've been able to achieve our growth objectives.

“WorkBoard provides us with a way to be aligned, engaged and easily working towards results at high velocity.”

Philipp Schett, Managing Consultant, Deutsche Telekom Detecon Group

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“In two weeks with WorkBoard’s solution, the company was aligned, motivated and driving measurable progress on our strategic priorities.”

“WorkBoard helps us build a winning team. We're creating this world-class execution capability, which is the foundation of any disruptive company.”

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