Insights & Stories

Accelerating Growth at Workday

Greg Pryor, SVP, People & Performance Evangelist at Workday, talks about how they’re using OKRs to accelerate growth. Greg discusses why OKRs are important, what impact they’ve had, how Workday harmonizes individual goals with team OKRs, and the primacy of teams to organization performance.

Driving Epic Growth at Microsoft

Andrew Kisslo, Chief of Staff at Microsoft Azure Marketing, shares how OKRs have transformed their business.

Agility at Scale at IBM

Nanci Taylor, Vice President, Digital Strategy at IBM, discusses how she uses her passion for transformation, strategic alignment, and creating a high-performing culture to deliver on IBM’s goal of reaching enterprise-wide business agility.

Achieving Best Possible Outcomes at Juniper Networks

Michael Marcellin, CMO at Juniper Networks, talks about the power of their OKR practice and platform during the sudden move to work from home Spring 2020, what his personal leadership essentials are, and how his team achieves its best possible outcomes.

Elevating Alignment, Accountability and Coaching to Drive Growth

Judy Dutton, Head of Talent Management at Juniper Networks, discusses how she helped leaders at Juniper build alignment and accountability competencies and how that drove resilience and growth during the pandemic. Through aligned OKRs and better 1on1 coaching conversations, Judy shares how she and the Juniper team elevated leader effectiveness at what turned out to be a crucial time.

The Fast Competitive Advantage of Alignment

LexisNexis Special Services & Risk Solutions Government CEO Woody Talcove talks about how he quickly gained competitive advantage using OKRs and WorkBoard.

Reinvigorating Leadership & Inspiring Ownership at GHX

Tina Murphy, Chief Revenue Officer at GHX, discusses their OKR journey, reinvigorating leadership, and the liberating effect of outcome alignment.

Cisco Security: Results Aligned

Anna Birch, Chief of Staff for Cisco Security Business, discusses how they’re using OKRs to accelerate growth. Anna shares why alignment is one of the most important muscles for a product business in a large enterprise and how focus accelerates results.

CEO Perspective: Achieving Smart, Fast Growth

Marcin Kleczynski, CEO of Malwarebytes, shares his incredible growth story and how they're using OKRs to accelerate growth.

Changing how Commercialization Teams Work with OKRs

Phil Clark, VP, Research And Development, Automotive and Aerospace Solutions Division at 3M, shares the impact and momentum his organization has seen since adopting OKRs and WorkBoard.

Zuora's OKR Journey

Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo shares how his organization is unlocking growth with WorkBoard.

Accelerating Impact at IBM

Sarah Davis, Director of Portfolio Programs — Data and AI at IBM, talks about how she’s using OKRs to enable a very global organization to do its best work for customers.

Secureworks' OKR Journey

Secureworks Chief People Officer Stacie Hagan shares how WorkBoard's Enterprise Results Platform has helped raise her organization's energy, urgency, learning and accountability.

Driving Alignment and Achievement at Malwarebytes

Greg Higham, CIO at Malwarebytes, talks about the focusing power of OKRs, how everyone benefits from WorkBoard transparency, and why coaching helps.

Keeping Distributed Teams Aligned with OKRs at GHX

Ryan Padilla, Leader of Global Strategy at GHX, talks about how OKRs have helped focus time and effort more efficiently and united teams in every location around a shared language for accountability.

Managing Growth and Scale at Aprimo

Erik Huddleston, CEO of Aprimo, talks about how OKRs and an Outcome Mindset™ keep his teams performing at maximum levels and driving amazing results.

Driving Communication and Alignment at Lingo Live

Mike Giordani, Co-founder of Lingo Live, talks about how they’re using OKRs and some of their victories on the path to becoming a stronger, more resilient team. Mike talks about how OKRs drive asynchronous communication and alignment for the global team at Lingo Live.

Using OKRs to Eliminate Roadblocks at Salesroads

David Kreiger, CEO of SalesRoads, talks about how OKRs have helped his distributed autonomous teams stay aligned, avoid the meeting trap, and drive results.

Localization and Visibility at Malwarebytes

Dan Strubbe, Director of Revenue at Malwarebytes, talks about how localizing OKRs fosters alignment, increases visibility, and brings transparency to the growing team at Malwarebytes.