Why use an OKR platform?

WorkBoard OKRs

The drivers for doing OKRs…

  • Support digital transformation
  • Improve alignment
  • Accelerate results
  • Focus effort on what matters
  • Cross-org transparency
  • Activate a culture of ambition
  • Measurement and data driven discipline

…are undermined with a non-digital process

  • Alignment and focus no easier than before, just do it 4x more
  • Parallel reporting universe > recreate the wheel for each meeting
  • Hard to align laterally when you can’t find peer team OKRs
  • Hard for +5th layer teams to see how they fit into big picture
  • No focus week to week … out of sight, out of mind … so no gain
  • Very hard to know where risk is and where you’re falling behind
  • No insights or results patterns to drive systemic improvements

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