Workboard Announces Major Release to Its Suite of Apps for Goal Achievement and Execution Velocity

Web and iPhone apps updated to include new goal achievement dashboard and calendar on the Web app, team performance dashboards and UI enhancements on iPhone to help teams set and achieve their goals

Redwood City, CA, March 30, 2015 —   Today Workboard released major updates to its popular goal achievement and managers’ family of apps. This release follows the January launch of Workboard’s Elite app with goals and metrics, which helps managers cascade goals to their teams and track progress. Enhancements to the Elite app include goal achievement summaries, goal conversations and risks dashboard along with calendar and better email integration on the free Workboard Basic app. New team performance dashboards and UI improvements will also be released this week on the companion iPhone app.

Used at more than 10,000 organizations globally, Workboard helps managers set and achieve team goals by making it simple to share goals, set clear success metrics, engage teams on priority work, get automatic status reports and provide better feedback.

“Engaging employees in achieving organizational goals is a universal challenge but essential for great success,” says Brian Schween, Senior Vice President and CIO at Topa Insurance and Workboard customer. “Workboard helps us communicate relevant, compelling goals with clear metrics to align our actions to achieve them from the boardroom to the back office. It’s a great example of how we are leveraging new technology to increase our velocity and provide greater value for clients and partners.”

“Your strategy is only as good as its execution,” says Rani Hublou, CMO at Comprehend. “Workboard makes it much easier to translate goals into actions and achievement; these new features improve transparency and help us identify risk to our goals. I can’t imagine managing without it.”

“From CEOs to front line managers, users tell us these new features simplify their work day, enhance their sense of teamwork and maximize their achievement," said Deidre Paknad, Workboard CEO and co-founder. "By bringing goals, work and feedback together in one easy app, Workboard simplifies work, amplifies its purpose and enables greater achievement.”

New features from today’s Workboard release include:

  • Goal Achievement Summaries: A new goals summary shows all of an organization’s goals and progress or OKRs in a single glance and enables people to drill down to more detailed metrics and KPIs.
  • Goal Conversations: Now teams can engage in conversations on goals and their achievements right from the goals dashboard; members of the team get alerts with the dialogue and the current goal score so goals stay central to the team’s efforts.
  • Fun Peer Badges: A new slate of badges and the ability for peers to send badges anytime make work more fun and fulfilling.
  • Priorities and Risk Real-Time Report: Managers can truly manage by exception with an instant, real-time view of all priority work, its status and cycle time as well as all red flagged items and an “aging” showing how long they take to resolve.
  • Weekly Calendar: A new weekly calendar view of action items and deliverables for the week makes it easy for users to balance their time and do the work that matters; drag and drop between days, update due dates automatically, and ensure the whole team remains in sync.
  • More Personalized Workspace: Users now have a trophy case on their personal workspace to enjoy the badges they’ve earned. Personal progress, cycle time and velocity meters add motivation and satisfaction to work.

The Workboard iPhone app will also be updated and released in the iTunes store this week. New features will include:

  • Teams page: A new Teams page includes a dashboard of work in progress and stats for each member of the team.
  • Today view: A simple, focused list of the work that needs to be done today is displayed for users to help them achieve their daily objectives.
  • Enhanced UI: Drag and drop, color and placement improvements enhance the convenience and utility of the app.

Managers and teams can get Workboard Basic on web and mobile on demand and completely free. Managers can upgrade their whole team to Workboard Elite to access goals and metrics or OKRs and the priorities and risks dashboard for $50 per month. Workboard Elite Group includes Elite features with pricing for multiple managers and their teams, group provisioning, premium service and rollout support. For more information or to get Workboard now, visit

About Workboard
Founded in 2014, Workboard, Inc. is a fast-growing provider of goal achievement applications that enable leaders to share and achieve their goals. The company was co-founded by CEO and serial entrepreneur Deidre Paknad and has enjoyed viral growth since its launch July 2014. The premium Workboard Elite app helps leaders to communicate goals, establish metrics for success, reduce execution risks and better manage their teams. The free Workboard Basic app helps managers and their teams coordinate priorities in real time, do and share work, automate status reports and improve feedback loops. Teams at more than 10,000 organizations rely on Workboard including large pharmaceutical, financial, technology, oil and manufacturing companies. For more information, visit

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