New Research Reveals the Competitive Advantage of Adopting a Digital Operating Rhythm

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Digital transformation, changing business models, and a work-from-anywhere workforce are some of the most recent forces that have converged to create friction for businesses across the globe, exacerbating the urgency to adopt smarter, faster, and more agile ways of operating.

WorkBoard’s special report, Growth Benchmarks for CEOs, takes a deeper look at these monumental market shifts, the deficits of a traditional operating rhythm, and offers insights into how CEOs can navigate the dramatic changes that will impact business long after phrases like “new normal” have faded from our cultural lexicon.

As McKinsey noted in their recent study, CEO: Architect of the New Operations Agenda, “The ability to execute in a complex, uncertain, and rapidly evolving environment is set to become a decisive competitive differentiator in the coming years.”

The Competitive Advantage of a Digital Operating Rhythm

At WorkBoard, we have the privilege of working with hundreds of the world’s largest and fastest growing organizations. This has given us a front row seat to the powerful business impact of adopting a digital operating rhythm and how it allows companies, and the people in them, to achieve (and often exceed) their best possible results- even through unpredictable times.

The 2021 Growth Benchmarks for CEOs report details how the Growth Index companies which use WorkBoard’s Enterprise Results Platform, playbook and expertise to power their digital operating rhythm grew revenue 13% faster than their competitors. Simultaneously, the majority of these index companies were successfully executing at least one major transformation.

An Operating Rhythm to Fuel The Outcomes You Want

Transformation can be as daunting as it is essential in today’s dynamic markets. But as McKinsey calls out in its Dec. 7 2021 survey on transformation, organizations can double their odds of success by taking a “rigorous approach” and implementing continuous-improvement activities that enable companies “to look regularly for new and better ways to work.”

By adopting a cohesive, robust system to power your digital operating rhythm, your company will be equipped to execute and achieve bold strategies faster with the people and resources you currently have.

We’re Here to Support Your Journey

How fast your organization can mobilize on your strategy, and identify market shifts, risks, and opportunities today will determine success tomorrow. Our 2021 benchmarks report shares insights and recommendations for how to best leverage the full power of a digital operating rhythm to enable your transformation success.

Want to learn more about how WorkBoard can support your journey? Reach out! We look forward to connecting.

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