Results Transparency in a Distributed World

3 data superpowers for WorkBoard customers with remote and WFH teams

Leila Alapour, Director of Product Management, WorkBoard  ::  Product

It's vital that every team in the organization is aligned on outcomes and has full transparency into progress toward results. WorkBoard capabilities make it easier for customers to share, engage on, and gain insights into their results, even for distributed or WFH teams.

Customizable Business Review dashboards

With WorkBoard’s Running Business Reviews, users get and share continuous, contextual results data to make good operating decisions, without tedious slide deck creation. Leaders have full control over the layout and structure of their dashboards, so they can organize their data for maximum impact and tell the story they need for their next virtual business review meeting.

Greater transparency for distributed teams’ results

When managers and team members aren’t in the same building, transparency and the ability to engage with results on demand become more important than ever. With WorkBoard, managers and teammates can quickly access results from a simple name search, and to add comments or cheer progress with a single click. Managers also have a convenient view of all results belonging to their direct and dotted reports, so they can quickly spot and address any risks.

OKR alignment visualization options

Everyone in the organization wants to understand how their work contributes to the organization’s progress — especially when they are physically isolated from their teammates. WorkBoard gives users an alignment tree visualization that allows them to see how their team’s OKRs fit into the larger picture.

We’d love to show you how you can leverage these capabilities to drive greater alignment and transparency in your own organization. Book a demo now!

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