Workboard Increases Execution Velocity at BTRG

“Workboard is ideal for people who manage teams and results, not just projects.”

Mike Martin, Practice Director, Information Governance, BTRG

“The many project and collaboration apps I’ve used fail to help managers organize work across teams.  Workboard is different because it was designed for people who manage teams, not just people who manage projects.  We can all manage our priorities and action items more effectively and I get transparency on the status of work I’ve delegated and where my team is investing time and effort.  The automatic weekly status reports are really the icing on the cake!”

Mike leads the Information Governance group at BTRG, which provides software and services for IBM products.  He manages three different teams, each of which is focused on a different aspect of business and customer engagement — solutions development, sales and marketing, and operations and delivery.  Workboard has helped Mike and the team hit a new level of collaboration and execution velocity.

The top 5 reasons Mike loves Workboard:

We needed more velocity to goal, not just task tracking.

Workboard’s workstreams with objectives and scorecards really help us stay focused on goal achievement and delivery — and avoid the trap of confusing listing and tracking items with accomplishing our goals.   We understand not only our action items but where they fit into our group and client objectives.

The transparency gives me a better fact base for decisions.

I get fantastic visibility from the status reports, dashboards and email summaries.  I can see where the red flags and risks are, see deliverables as they progress — without bogging my team with lots of requests.  I have a better and immediate basis for decision making with the facts and context all at my fingertips in Workboard.

We focus on goals, not on task minutiae.

With other task and project tracking tools, there is a tendency to zoom in and drill down into minor details and lose sight of the objectives and bigger picture.  Workboard keeps us out of the rabbit hole, hitting our deliverables and focused upward on our objectives.

We no longer spend our time organizing email — the actions and communications are all in one place

Without Workboard, we would still be spending hours organizing our respective inboxes to try to keep track of who’s doing what, the latest status updates, issue raised in an email and the response to it five days later.  That organization and transparency are effortless now and we are all on the same page; multiplied over the whole team, it’s a huge boost in our capacity and velocity.

As a business leader, I value Workboard’s leadership best practices.

I’m a continuous learner by nature and it’s important in my business to be innovative on both solutions and leadership.  Workboard’s Leadership Refresher blog and velocity guru tips are very good — I’ve put many to use in the app and beyond it.

See Workboard in action.