Workboard Helps Dynatrace Ensure Accountability for Every Action Item

“Perfect for dynamic teams”

Mike Masterson, Director, Big Data and Cloud Solutions, Dynatrace

“Workboard is perfect for dynamic, fast-paced sales, pre-sales and business development teams. It was easy for our cross-functional team to get going quickly; I get status and facts I need without burdening the team.”

Mike drives cross-functional initiatives that involve sales, pre-sales, and center of excellence team members. His product line is a Gartner Magic Quadrant leader in the hot application management space so the team is fast-paced, driven and travels often; great execution is essential to sustaining their leadership position and growing their business.

The top 5 reasons Mike loves Workboard are:

We can quickly bring top contributors together on a mission.

Workboard Snapshots give me status reports and what’s changed week to week — without asking anyone. The weekly highlights are a more convenient way to check in and get a full picture on where people need help or have accomplishments to tout.

Instead of capturing meeting notes, we capture the actions required.

I used Evernote to take notes in meetings, but now we capture what’s actionable, delegate it when necessary and make sure it really gets done with Workboard.

The iPhone app is key to staying organized and focused when I travel

The iPhone app is great for capturing and following up on action items while I’m traveling — I rely on it to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.

Everyone gets visibility — which drives accountability.

Workboard is a better fit for the more iterative, diverse nature of our work than other collaboration apps built for linear project tracking. We need agility and transparency to ensure nothing drops on the floor , but more importantly we (re)prioritize the most important deliverables on a weekly basis.

See Workboard in action.