Workboard Unveils New Meeting Management Features to Improve Team Meetings and 1on1s

Performance Visualizations, Automated Agendas and Actionable Decisions to Maximize Meeting Time and Value

Redwood City, CA, July 27, 2015 —   Today Workboard unveiled novel meeting and performance visualization features to its popular goal achievement app for line of business managers. The new release enables users to conduct team and 1on1 meetings on goals and execution work they already manage in Workboard to get more value from meetings while reducing the cost and burden of them.

It’s no secret that organizations have too many group meetings and too few 1on1s, which are very costly pain points:

  • Meetings cost more than they are worth.
    The time cost to participate in a single weekly staff meeting is $70,000 a year. Companies don’t get value from that expense when preparation isn’t done or takes too much effort, time was spent reciting progress rather than making progress and people leave unclear about decisions and actions they own – which require another meeting to resolve.
  • 1on1 meetings aren’t frequent or purposeful enough.
    They don’t provide the longer-range coaching and goal support people want and need. 72% of employees say their performance would improve with more specific and constructive feedback – enormous untapped potential. Because managers lack facts or aren’t prepared for discussions, they don’t provide course-correcting feedback or address performance issues, which are amplified with time. It’s harder to retain great people or get improvement from lower performers.

New Workboard Team Meeting features help teams plan and conduct better meetings. Attendees can add topics and put existing action items and goals on the agenda; there is no need to create presentations and progress reports for the meeting, because execution progress, risks and goals are already in Workboard – users just add them to a meeting agenda. Teams can capture decisions and takeaways in the meeting with an easy note-taking experience. Goal updates and changes to due dates, status and priority are made on the spot and synced to everyone’s list; takeaways can be turned into new actions so nothing is forgotten or dropped.

New Workboard 1on1 Meetings help managers and team members have continuous performance conversations and visualize their respective perceptions of engagement, performance and alignment. The unique visualization enables both staff and managers to address gaps quickly before they become larger issues that affect culture, retention and performance. It is especially helpful to managers and employees that don’t know how to start hard conversations on perception gaps. Like Team Meetings, managers and staff can add topics, action items and goals to the agenda and capture takeaways. Managers have all prior 1on1 meetings, individual goals, current workload, feedback badges and progress all at hand.

Improving meetings with Workboard is a natural extension of its capabilities because customers already manage their goals and execution in Workboard – which is what the vast majority of meetings are about. “Now it’s much easier to bring goals into both team and 1on1 discussions routinely. Everyone gets a performance and productivity boost from more purposeful meetings, less prep time and better follow through,” said Deidre Paknad, Workboard CEO and co-founder. “Both managers and team members love the 1on1 perception visualization because it builds confidence when people are aligned and makes it easier to talk about the elephant in the room when they’re not.”

Workboard provides managers with the framework, features and coaching to lead their teams to great achievement:

  • Share relevant and compelling goals with their teams
  • Plan and execute the work to achieve those goals
  • Automate progress reporting and transparency
  • Provide better employee coaching and feedback

About Workboard
Workboard, Inc. is a fast-growing provider of apps for managers to achieve their goals, improve performance and team productivity. Teams at more than 10,000 organizations rely on Workboard including large pharmaceutical, financial, technology, oil and manufacturing companies. Workboard Basic helps managers and their teams coordinate priorities in real time, do and share work, automate status reports and improve feedback loops. Workboard Elite helps managers share and achieve goals, orchestrate better execution with team meetings, manage priorities and exceptions, and improve individual performance with 1on1s and workload data. The company was co-founded in 2014 by CEO and serial entrepreneur Deidre Paknad and has enjoyed viral growth since its launch. For more information, visit

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