Build Leadership Skills & Strengthen Your Team

Blog Post: 3 Major Evolutions in OKRs That Will Propel Your Organization's Growth

Communicating for Key Results

Why asking for “KR updates” may be undermining your actual results.

Blog Post: To create a fantastic work culture imagine the best possible outcomes and organize to achieve them

How to Create Team Alignment

Discover how to use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to create team alignment that improves your company growth.

Blog Post: 3 Major Evolutions in OKRs That Will Propel Your Organization's Growth

OKR Retros for Smart Teams

OKR Coach Sameera Moinpour shares insights from recent team retros that can help your team achieve its best possible results this quarter.

Blog post: Achieve Bold Goals, Don’t Just Set Them

The Difference Between Dreamers and Doers

In many ways, setting goals is similar to dreaming of success. But achieving goals is infinitely harder and more complex. Consider these four tips for using your energy and capacity to achieve greater professional success.

Blog post: The Art of the OKR

The Art of the OKR

The OKR approach to setting goals is key at high growth Silicon Valley companies. Coach, consultant and guest velocity guru Christina Wodtke offers a template for masterful goal achievement.

Blog Post: Want to Be More Successful?  Set OKRs.

Want to Be More Successful? Set OKRs.

Organizations whose employees are actively engaged in goal achievement have 3x greater operating margins than companies with lower engagement levels. Use these eight tactics to inspire and align your team's efforts to achieve your goals.

Blog Post: An Execution Framework for Achieving Ambitious Goals

An Execution Framework for Achieving Ambitious Goals

How are your planned outcomes versus actuals monitored week over week and how much does your approach vary over the course of the year? Without a consistent execution framework, it’s easy to lose time and hard to achieve ambitious goals.

Raise your Velocity Quotient

Raise your Velocity Quotient

In dynamic markets, velocity is a competitive advantage. VQ (Velocity Quotient) is a measure of the time and resources needed to achieve desired results. CEO Deidre Paknad explains how you can achieve more with less using WorkBoard's Business Velocity Platform.

Blog post: Use OKRs To Achieve Bold Goals

Use OKRs to Achieve Bold Goals

Objectives and Key Results or OKRs have helped hyper-growth Internet companies like Google achieve phenomenal success.  Use OKRs to embolden your goals, define how success is measured and achieve execution excellence.

Blog Post: Why Use OKRs?

Why Use OKRs

Bold OKRs are adopted by companies for one of three key reasons: Focus, Alignment, or Acceleration. Learn how to use stretch goals to encourage employees to continually push the envelope towards great achievement.

Increase your career velocity

The Difference Between Getting Things Done and Making an Impact

Velocity to goal determines career velocity — the speed and degree of career growth. These 5 strategies can help you increase your speed and efficiency.

Blog post: Achieve Bold Goals, Don’t Just Set Them

It's GOal Time!

If you're ready for an awesome year — one where you make a big impact and grow your business or career — start it off right with clear, inspiring Q1 goals that people really care about.

Blog post: Achieve Bold Goals, Don’t Just Set Them

5 Steps to Stellar Year-End Reviews (even after this mid-year review moment!)

It’s mid-year review time and if you're like many people, you haven’t thought about goals in 5.5 months. Not a great moment for manager or team member, but it’s a common one. These five steps will help you be more successful and get more recognition at your year-end review.

WorkBoard Webinar Recording: Mastering Goals And Metrics

Mastering Goals and Metrics

Learn how to define goals that motivate, establish clear metrics for success and keep your team centered on achievement.

Blog Post: Business Transformation Requires Radical Clarity

Business Transformation Requires Radical Clarity

Use OKRs to achieve clarity, motivate your team to achieve great results, and experience transformational shift.