Workboard Introduces Running Business Reviews™ to Improve Enterprise Agility, Business Plan Execution and Operating Decisions

Provides Enterprise Leaders with Immediate, Continuous View of the Business without Labor-Intensive Monthly and Quarterly Business Reviews Traditionally Used to Drive Business Plans

Redwood City, CA, December 13, 2016 —   Workboard Inc., provider of the highest-rated Business Velocity Platform, today announces availability of Running Business Reviews™. Designed for business and function leaders, Running Business Reviews enable them to run their business more efficiently with a continuous and cohesive view of business objectives, KPIs, strategic initiatives and risks within the Workboard Web and native iPad applications. The new capability arrives just as organizations complete their 2017 business planning cycle and must begin to operationalize and execute on the plan; the Running Business Review provides a more agile, efficient method of driving performance to plan.

For decades, enterprise management practices relied on Monthly Operations Reviews (MORs) and Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) done in PowerPoint to drive and assess progress on business plans and align on strategies. QBRs typically involve thousands of hours in preparation and lengthy meetings by an organization’s most expensive personnel. As markets and nimble competitors move ever faster, waiting for a quarter and convening thousands of people to assess progress on strategic initiatives is a disadvantage.

Workboard’s unique Running Business Reviews (RBR) provides a continuous picture of the business, allowing leaders to navigate forward faster without waiting for ops reviews or piecing together snippets of disparate information. RBRs give strategy leaders a real-time view of the business objectives, key results and metrics, and the projects and execution required to drive outcomes. A “hot box” surfaces risks across KPI, projects, deliverables and people that otherwise are hard to discover but need to be addressed. Executives and function leaders can tailor their RBR dynamically to adjust their focus as the quarter progresses. The first of its kind, Workboard’s Running Business Reviews:

  • Eliminate the manual preparation of MORs and QBRs
  • Reduce time spent in review meetings
  • Improve information integrity to improve decisions
  • Accelerate facts to increase agility and market responsiveness

“We use Workboard to accelerate and align our strategy with actions”, says Jim Stirewalt, Vice President WorldWide Sales, Cognitive Engagement & Commerce at IBM. “The new Running Business Review is a great, immediate view of the business without the latency and labor involved in quarterly business reviews."

“Running the business is executives’ day job – the Workboard RBR now makes it easier to do with faster, better facts to make good decisions and address issues in real time,” says Deidre Paknad, CEO and founder of Workboard. “Facts flow from disparate systems and parts of the organization into the Running Business Review without the old-school reporting brain drain so customers get more agility and capacity.”

As organizations focus on driving performance to plan in 2017, Workboard’s Running Business Review provides a faster, modern alternative to management by PowerPoint, email and meetings to align the organization. It enables managers at every level to be more effective, move faster and accelerate results. The new capabilities extend Workboard’s Business Velocity Platform; the platform is an enterprise system of engagement that presents complete, continuous and relevant information from disparate systems of record (e.g., ERP, CRM) and business processes in a social, collaborative manner that to better engage people and teams in great goal achievement.

About Workboard
Workboard Inc.’s Business Velocity Platform is used by Global 500 companies and start up unicorns alike to clarify, align and execute on business strategies fast and efficiently. Its next-generation system of engagement is rated by customers as best in goal management and Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), ease of use, executive dashboards, and NPS on the G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Grid. Workboard is led by serial entrepreneurs with a diverse team that includes rising-star Millennials and deep enterprise expertise from IBM, Oracle, NetSuite and elsewhere. The company is headquartered in Redwood City, California and backed by Opus Capital, Granite Ventures, and Shea Ventures. For more information, visit Follow Workboard Inc. on twitter @workboardinc and Workboard’s CEO @day_dree for the latest on leadership and raising an organization’s velocity quotient.

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