Influitive, Tasktop and TrendKite accelerate their growth strategies and competitive advantages with WorkBoard

More fast-growth, transformative technology companies adopt WorkBoard to maximize achievement, alignment and accountability

Redwood City, CA, March 15, 2018 —   WorkBoard, Inc., the industry pioneer in active strategy management, today announced that Influitive, Tasktop and TrendKite have selected the WorkBoard solution to accelerate their growth strategies. The three fast-growing, transformative technology companies join others using the WorkBoard Active Strategy Management solution to iterate and activate their strategic priorities more quickly.

Companies that iterate and activate their strategy most quickly win markets

Fast-growth startups know that iterating their strategic priorities quickly, based on their insights and experience, is key to success – this is a primary advantage that young, agile companies have over incumbents. Today, even large enterprises recognize that their strategies must evolve at a much faster pace as disruption and change accelerate in virtually every market sector.

After a certain size, most companies struggle to effectively clarify, communicate and measure strategy well. MIT Sloan reports that just 22 percent of senior executives understand their strategic priorities and effectively translate them to their teams, while only 13 percent of frontline managers understand and can align team efforts1. It is no surprise that the vast majority of organizations fail to achieve their strategies when the vast majority of their work forces do not understand how they can contribute to them.

The experiences of Influitive, Tasktop and Trendkite underscore how WorkBoard enables even fast-growing companies to break through strategy-execution speed barriers to achieve more with less time and capital. WorkBoard’s first-of-its-kind Active Strategy Management solution helps organizations activate smarter strategies faster. The solution enables business leaders to refresh strategic priorities and metrics with agility, drive alignment, measure progress objectively and execute strategies efficiently. This higher strategic agility provides customers with sustainable competitive advantage in rapidly evolving markets.

“In two weeks with WorkBoard’s solution, the whole company was aligned, motivated and driving measurable progress on its strategic priorities,” said Erik Huddleston, CEO of TrendKite. “The WorkBoard app is our ‘results network,’ and it’s been a transformational experience for our organization.”

See a video of how TrendKite activated its strategic priorities here.

“WorkBoard elevated our ability to communicate, engage and align people on our strategic priorities at an important time in the company's trajectory,” said Mark Organ, CEO and founder of Influitive. “WorkBoard has an impressive team and a terrific solution.”

“Startups succeed at creating new markets and disrupting existing ones because they know time and capital are scarce, so they focus zealously on the mission. As they grow, it becomes more difficult to ensure everyone is living the mission and the metrics and knows how to contribute. These issues are compounded ten-fold in larger enterprises,” said Deidre Paknad, WorkBoard co-founder and CEO. “Savvy business leaders systematically activate, measure and manage strategic priorities just as they instrument their sales, customer success and demand-gen processes for transparency and measurement. In fact, this is how and why those disparate processes come together to deliver strategic business outcomes.”

About WorkBoard
WorkBoard, Inc., is a fast-growing provider of Active Strategy Management solutions that helps organizations set, measure and execute strategic priorities faster. Company founders, who combined hold 18 patents and two Smithsonian Innovation Awards, created a new solution category when they recognized that market and technology acceleration would require a corresponding acceleration in how companies iterate and activate strategic priorities. WorkBoard already counts IBM, Microsoft, Samsung, 8X8, Catalina, Disys, eSilicon, TrendKite, Influitive, Tasktop and others among its hundreds of customers. For more information, visit or follow the company on Twitter @WorkBoardInc.

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