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Clarify goals, align people and execute for fast, great results with Workboard Business Performance Automation.

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Achieve Goals and OKRs with Workboard

Achieve Goals & OKRs

Use short-term ambitious objectives that motivate people to achieve their best. See progress on key results in real-time and give everyone clarity on when to declare victory. Visualize goal dependencies and alignment and spot risks quickly. Achieve great outcomes fast when everyone has radical clarity on the results they need to deliver and how their work contributes to the organization's success.

Workboard provides the clarity the organization wants and the transparency we need to achieve our strategic goals with greater agility.

Jeff Sorenson, President at TeraRecon

Transparent and Focused Execution

Organize and align the actions needed for great achievement so everyone stays focused on their OKRs. Make meetings smarter and more valuable — eliminate tedious status updates through smart agendas built from existing goals and action items, and document decisions, resolutions and ideas and get an instant list of last-meeting action items to easily track follow-through.

Raising velocity for rock star teams at companies large and small:

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