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Sample OKRs and Best Practices

Get a quick reference for setting great key results with real examples and learn how to set achievement thresholds in your organization.
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OKR Coach Certification Program

OKR Coaches help organizations achieve success with the technique faster and more pervasively. This 2-day training program with certification will enable you to help your colleagues or customers:

  1. Set high integrity objectives and key results
  2. Gain true alignment and tie off
  3. Shift from an activity habit to a results habit
  4. Achieve better results in their first quarter

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Podcast: How to Create Team Alignment

Discover how to use OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) to create team alignment that improves your company growth.

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OKR Retros for Smart Teams

Get insights from successful retros that can help your team achieve its best possible results this quarter.

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OKR Community on Slack

Get and give advice on setting objectives and key results, and share best practices on making results a habit. (Not a product forum)
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OKR & Results Management Solution

Rather than creating yet another spreadsheet exercise or process everyone quickly forgets, run your OKR program systematically for better results and transparency. Key results are measurements – data – that help your organization get smarter every quarter, if you can tap into it over time and at scale.
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Make Results a Habit.

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