Accelerate results with real-time goals & OKRs

  • Set, align and share compelling short term goals and OKRs
  • Give people radical clarity on the metrics for success
  • Drive business performance in real time from Web and mobile
  • Sustain alignment and focus on key results throughout the quarter
  • Reduce operational reporting while increasing transparency
  • Quickly define and align goals with our Acceleration Services
Goals and OKRs that Accelerate Business Results
Goals and OKRs on mobile

“Being a results-driven enterprise starts with transparency on the results you want to achieve.”

Rani Hublou, Chief Marketing Officer, Comprehend

Provide Goal Clarity, Get Greater Accountability

Just 7% of employees understand the goals of the organization and how they contribute, according to McKinsey; people don’t achieve results they don’t see.

Use Workboard to cascade and coalesce OKRs for radical clarity and a dramatic boost in accountability and outcomes.

Cascade goals through the enterprise

Get Transparency on Business Risks and Results

  • Get cross-functional and cross-process results in one place.
  • Use Web and mobile heat maps to identify which areas of the business need attention.
  • Automate or eliminate MoRs and QBRs to increase capacity and transparency.
  • Get metrics and KPIs from existing business systems.
Replace MoRs and QBRs with automatic reports

Close the Gap Between Goals and Execution

Goals are only as good as their execution; make it easier for your organization to do high-impact work. Align workstreams and deliverables to OKRs and goals for focused execution; update key results automatically as work is completed in Workboard or other business apps. Scale managers with tools to drive alignment so they can scale results.

Align Business Goals to Execution
Vince DiMascio, CIO, BAL Global
BAL Global

“Workboard makes it easy to communicate strategy, define measurable results and align our actions.”

Vince DiMascio
CIO, BAL Global

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Goal & OKR Resources

Blog: Why Use OKRs?

Why Use OKRs?

Bold OKRs are adopted by companies for one of three key reasons: Focus, Alignment, or Acceleration. Learn how to use stretch goals to encourage employees to continually push the envelope towards great achievement.

Radical Clarity: The Secret to Accountability and Growth

Radical Clarity: The Secret to Accountability & Growth

To increase their organizations’ velocity quotient, leaders are shifting to OKRs (Objectives and Key Results), a more agile management model that drives radical clarity across the organization and concentrates resources on high achievement.

Blog: When It Comes to Setting Goals, Less is More

When It Comes to Setting Goals, Less is More

It's a great time to self-assess accomplishments on last quarter's goals and double down for great execution the rest of the year. Here are 3 tips to help managers set, stick to and achieve business goals.

See Workboard goals and OKRs in action.

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