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How Founders and CEOs Maintain Velocity at Scale

Former Google president Margo Georgiadis, WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad, and GGV Capital Managing Partner Jeff Richards discuss how organizations can stay fast and nimble at scale.

New Research Reveals the Competitive Advantage of Adopting a Digital Operating Rhythm

WorkBoard's Growth Benchmarks for CEOs offers insights on how CEOs can leverage the power of a digital operating rhythm to enable transformation success.

Smarter Strategy, Less Friction, Faster Results

The biggest change of 2020 might be the rate of change itself. This ebook takes on the management legacies and latencies that slow organizations down and how to drive and thrive in an ever-faster world.

Build from Your New Set Point

We are at an epic junction: The future of leadership and the future of work. There is a tremendous opportunity for your organization to capture and carry its gains from 2020 forward.

Accelerating Growth at Workday

Greg Pryor, SVP, People & Performance Evangelist at Workday, talks about how they’re using OKRs to accelerate growth. Greg discusses why OKRs are important, what impact they’ve had, how Workday harmonizes individual goals with team OKRs, and the primacy of teams to organization performance.

Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs

While many leaders have learned the "why" of OKRs being critical to smart growth from reading John Doerr's Measure What Matters — most organizations lack the practical knowledge on "how" to implement OKRs for meaningful results. This best practices guide shows how enterprises can move their entire organization to OKRs programmatically, quickly and successfully.

Agility at Scale at IBM

Nanci Taylor, Vice President, Digital Strategy at IBM, discusses how she uses her passion for transformation, strategic alignment, and creating a high-performing culture to deliver on IBM’s goal of reaching enterprise-wide business agility.

Driving Epic Growth at Microsoft

Andrew Kisslo, Chief of Staff at Microsoft Azure Marketing, shares how OKRs have transformed their business.

Changing how Commercialization Teams Work with OKRs

Phil Clark, VP, Research And Development, Automotive and Aerospace Solutions Division at 3M, shares the impact and momentum his organization has seen since adopting OKRs and WorkBoard.

Elevating Alignment, Accountability and Coaching to Drive Growth

Judy Dutton, Head of Talent Management at Juniper Networks, discusses how she helped leaders at Juniper build alignment and accountability competencies and how that drove resilience and growth during the pandemic. Through aligned OKRs and better 1on1 coaching conversations, Judy shares how she and the Juniper team elevated leader effectiveness at what turned out to be a crucial time.

Blog Post: Leading the Way to OKR Success

Leading the Way to OKR Success

Deidre Paknad talks alignment with Maggie Crowley on “The OKR Episode” of her Build podcast.

Reinvigorating Leadership & Inspiring Ownership at GHX

Tina Murphy, Chief Revenue Officer at GHX, discusses their OKR journey, reinvigorating leadership, and the liberating effect of outcome alignment.

The Fast Competitive Advantage of Alignment

LexisNexis Special Services & Risk Solutions Government CEO Woody Talcove talks about how he quickly gained competitive advantage using OKRs and WorkBoard.

Blog Post: Lean Into the Red

Lean Into the Red

In OKRs, as in life, talking about the hard things is vital to achieving your goals. While it’s important to celebrate what we’re doing well, targeting the areas that are blocked or need attention is where real growth happens.

Blog Post: Avoiding Watermelon Metrics

Avoiding Watermelon Metrics

Watermelon metrics look green on the outside when they’re red on the inside. Get five culture and behavior tips to help you measure what matters more effectively, and foster a growth and Outcome Mindset where people embrace facts and data to fuel their decisions.

Blog Post: Smart, Fast Growth is the One Thing

Smart, Fast Growth is the One Thing

Your revenue growth rate is the biggest driver of company value. Learn how successful companies are using OKRs and results platforms to create a sustainable growth advantage.

Cisco Security: Results Aligned

Anna Birch, Chief of Staff for Cisco Security Business, discusses how they’re using OKRs to accelerate growth. Anna shares why alignment is one of the most important muscles for a product business in a large enterprise and how focus accelerates results.

Blog Post: Taking Care at Full Tilt

Taking Care at Full Tilt

As we continue to adapt to the new rhythm of work, remember to allow everyone the grace to show up both gnawed from the truth of things and with the potential to be awed and awe-inspiring.

Blog Post: The Energy for Urgency

The Energy for Urgency

As leaders, we need to push for a strong finish to the 2020 marathon and find ways to ensure our teams show up in 2021 with the urgency, creativity and energy needed to achieve the best possible results.

Blog Post: Resilience and Results: 2020 Imperatives

Resilience and Results: 2020 Imperatives

Learn how Comcast, Microsoft, Cisco, Zuora, GHX and other large enterprises are responding to new realities by adopting platform-enabled Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) to close resilience gaps and optimize business results.

Connect, Calibrate and Coach: A Simple Formula for Great 1on1s

If you lead a team, coaching people and giving regular feedback — positive and constructive — is part of the job. Put people at the top of your priority list and elevate your 1on1s with these 5 topics.

Driving Alignment and Achievement at Malwarebytes

Greg Higham, CIO at Malwarebytes, talks about the focusing power of OKRs, how everyone benefits from WorkBoard transparency, and why coaching helps.

Learn how to use OKRs to align and accelerate results.

A Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs

Get the Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs