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Companies large and small use the OKR technique to align, measure and achieve better results faster. Use these OKR resources to plan and launch your own program and transform alignment and accountability into organization super powers!

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Journey Library

Hear from business, function and process leaders at other organizations about their OKR journeys and what they learned along the way.

Resources for Each Stage in the Journey

If you’re just starting to explore OKRs and what they can do for your organization, these resources will help you get up to speed and educate other stakeholders in your organization.

Just starting to explore OKRs and what they can do for your organization? Use these resources to learn more about what OKRs are, how they work, and to cultivate other OKR champions.

“The most addressable barrier to our growth was alignment"

— Gee Rittenhouse, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Security Business Group, Cisco

OKR Primer

Learn the basics of OKRs, important principles, and see a catalog of examples by function.

The Power of OKRs

WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad and former Olympian and Drift Director of Product Management Maggie Crowley explore why OKRs matter, how they inspire momentum and how to engage others in the movement.

How to Do OKRs Right

Many CEOs overdo or underdo OKRs. On this episode of the B2BaCEO podcast, WorkBoard CEO Deidre Paknad shares best practices for how to do OKRs right.

OKRs and the Competitive Advantage of Alignment

LexisNexis Special Services & Risk Solutions Government CEO Woody Talcove talks about using the alignment and focusing power OKRs to create customer value faster than competitors, even in tough conditions.

What Goes Wrong with OKRs?

Like all new things, adoption of the OKR process takes time, effort and commitment and you can improve every quarter. Learn about the 5 most common pitfalls that can occur — and how to avoid them.

Practical Guide to Enterprise OKRs

Get answers to the most common questions about OKRs like how they connect to compensation, what threshold to set, how they align, and more in this easy-to-read guide.

New Alignment and Accountability at Juniper

Michael Marcellin, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Juniper Networks discusses how the successful and timely launch of their OKR program helped them manage the sudden move to work from home Spring 2020.

Aligning Unlocks Growth at Cisco Security

Hear how Cisco accelerated results by transitioning from Strategy on a Page (SOAP) to OKRs.

Get Certified as an OKR Coach

Certified OKR coaches help their organizations adopt the methodology and set high quality objectives and key results. Join over 2,000 certified coaches in building OKR expertise with this certification program.

As you develop a rollout plan, you’ll want to draft OKRs for OKRs with your executive sponsor, anchor on OKR best practices, consider your overall scope, chat with a coach, and hear other organizations’ launch insights.

“When I think about scaling OKRs out to thousands of employees... we couldn't do it without a tool."

— Anna Birch, Chief of Staff, Cisco Security Business Group

Who Needs to Have OKRs?

OKRs help drive alignment — so the question is where is the opportunity to improve it in your organization. This 2-minute sound bite gives you context to consider.

Lead the Charge on Change

This communication guide for change agents can help you get key stakeholders on board and build momentum.

Set Up Your Core Team and Steering Committee

Use this packet to create your operating team, support structure and governance. Job descriptions help identify who to tap into your initiative.

Planning for OKRs in Large, Mature Enterprises (IBM)

Sarah Davis, Dir of Portfolio Programs at IBM, shares her “why” for OKRs and how they’ve institutionalized them in their global and distributed organization.

Planning for OKRs in Young, High Growth Companies (Zuora)

Tien Tzou, CEO at Zuora, shares his “why” for OKRs and how they launched and ramped their OKR program globally.

Choosing an OKR Solution

To reap the transparency, velocity and alignment benefits of OKRs, you’ll need a system where everyone can see the OKRs, how they align laterally and overall, and get instant progress views. This BGIN article provides a requirements and vendor checklist.

Expert OKR & Launch Services to Accelerate Success

Friends don’t let friends do OKRs alone the first time! Rather than wasting several quarters, potential momentum and employee good will with trial and error, companies turn to expert service providers to ensure a fast, successful first OKR cycle and a sustainable practice.

There are four keys to launching OKRs successfully: A smart communication plan, coaching so teams set high integrity OKRs the first time around, OKR transparency to unlock x-org alignment, and a weekly calibrate/celebrate cadence.

“We left our launch event as a completely unified organization."

— Tien Tzuo, CEO, Zuora

Launching OKRs - Zuora's Plan

Zuora sets the bar for internal and external communications, and their OKR launch was no exception! See the launch and communications plan and results in their first two quarters. Zuora has been named one of the best places to work in Silicon Valley for the last several years.

Launch Readiness and Plan - Workday’s Initial Program Focus

See the launch perspective, initial program resources and change management plan Workday shared with the BGIN community in June 2019 after its first two quarters of OKRs. Workday's launch approach reflects its #5 spot on Fortune's list of best places to work in 2020.

Building Momentum for Using OKRs at Juniper Networks

Judy Dutton, VP of Talent Management at Juniper Networks, shares how the company drove a successful OKR program launch with support and buy-in from the top of the organization.

Building Results Rituals at Zendesk

Brian Manougian, Director, HR Strategy & Planning at Zendesk, shares how his organization built their OKR program onto Zendesk's already strong company culture to drive focus on results.

Launch Props and Tools

Posters, flashcards and OKR workshop tools you can use or personalize to your company.

Outcome Mindset™ Seminar for Employees

Use this seminar recording to help technology and product teams and others understand the difference between output and outcome, why an Outcome Mindset is so powerful and how to measure results effectively. Contact us to arrange a similar seminar for your organization.

After you’ve launched your OKR program, make results a habit across the organization by modernizing accountability practices so key results are line of sight.

“Results should be habits, not New Year's Resolutions."

— Sarah Davis, Director of Portfolio Programs, IBM

Author Great OKRs and Communicate for Impact

Avoid doing OKRs in name only with these tips to unlock the real potential of your OKR program. Perfect for leaders that want coaching.

OKRs as a Transparency Game Changer at Microsoft

Jason Unger, Director of Support Planning at Microsoft, shares how they are using OKRs to keep team culture and conversations focused on outcomes.

Building Alignment and Accountability with OKRs

Judy Dutton, Head of Talent Management at Juniper Networks, shares how their OKR program elevates leader effectiveness and drives employee engagement and competitive advantage.

Driving Efficiency and Transparency at VMware

Mary Brett, Senior Director, Strategic Programs and Analytics Office of the CTO at VMware, shares how their quarterly OKR process has driven greater efficiency and cross-functional alignment.

Achieving OKRs – Beyond Setting Them

So you set OKRs, now what? Hear how to operationalize them and achieve your best key results.

Don’t Ask for Updates — Ask for Focus

Why asking for “KR updates” may be undermining your actual results.

Quarterly OKR Retrospective and Reset

Introspection is the key to great OKRs and outcomes. See how smart teams use OKRs to celebrate, learn, and improve.

The OKR – MBR Connection for Team Accountability

Hear Ryan Padilla, Director of Global Strategy Execution at GHX share how his organization achieves better outcomes and transformed their monthly business reviews.

Linking Output to Outcome at Greenfield Global

Connie Deyo, VP Business Excellence, Greenfield Global and her team live and breathe results by linking their outputs to outcomes. She shares how the team uses WorkBoard to efficiently manage the outputs that connect back to their OKRs.

Calibrate and Celebrate Weekly

Align on key results on Monday, then celebrate progress on Friday.

Simple Guide to Better 1on1s

Build dashboards easily with WorkBoard

Doing OKRs in spreadsheets and not reaping the benefits or finding that people have slipped into task lists? Or maybe you’re humming along and want to harness real intelligence from a well-functioning OKR process. This section can help you take your game up!

“If you have a KR and it’s green, you have success. If you pushed yourself and you fell short, as long as you have learning, then that learning lets you succeed next time."

— Andrew Kisslo, Chief of Staff, Microsoft Azure


Achieving OKRs by Driving with MBRs

Andrew Kisslo, Chief of Staff at Microsoft Azure Marketing, shares how his team improved results by using Monthly Business Reviews to drive focus, follow through and accountability for key results.

Using OKRs for OKRs to Drive a Successful Program

Caroline Cochran, VP and Chief People Officer at Secureworks, shares how their OKR program team connects their quarterly OKRs to the company's top-level objectives to ensure best outcomes.

OKR Insights 6 Quarters Later

Think beyond the quarter to results achievement over time. Workday shares facts on improved results, employee sentiment and performance patterns.

Choosing an OKR Solution

It’s hard to do OKRs well at scale or capture the full alignment benefits without a results platform. Use this checklist to get started.

Why use an OKR platform?

The drivers for doing OKRs are undermined with a non-digital process. See how an OKR platform can help you accelerate results at scale.

The Focusing Power of OKRs

Nanci Taylor, VP of Business Agility at IBM explains how sharp focus drives smarter decisions and outcomes.

Aligning Execution to OKRs at Dell Secureworks

Tony Merritt, Director of Global Professional Services at Dell Secureworks, discusses how his company uses OKRs to increase alignment, empower employees and make better decisions across teams.

Taking Time to Align

Sarah Frew, People and Culture at Plenty of Fish, shares how this fast-growth startup drives fast, full cross-team alignment with a formal OKR Week in which the whole company gives attention to purposeful alignment.

Lean into the Red

In OKRs, as in life, talking about the hard things is vital to achieving your goals.

Leadership and OKRs Fuel Growth

Chris Cravens, former CIO of Zynga and Uber as well as former VP, Software Engineering for Splunk, shares what he learned about OKRs from Zynga, his passion for clarity, and how servant leadership leads to better business outcomes.

Inflection Points Along the OKR Journey

Learn about the three inflection points enterprises commonly experience along the OKR Journey, and how they kept moving forward.

Shifting to an Outcome Mindset

Enterprises make the shift from output to Outcome Mindset when leaders have the visibility to see that not all work is driving results and that getting things done isn’t the same as moving the needle.
Shift to an outcome mindset »

Operationalizing OKRs

As OKRs move from theoretical to concrete, strategic priorities are aligned, localized, integrated, and made flexible for optimization — and enterprises achieve those priorities in a more systematic and data-driven way.
Increase the impact of your OKR program »

Harmonizing Team OKRs with Individual Performance

Organizations use both team and individual OKRs to drive great performance; connect OKRs and performance management to drive best possible outcomes.
Connect OKRs and performance management »

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