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Inflection Points Along the OKR Journey


Energizing the Team Around Outcomes

Greg Pryor, Senior VP, People and Performance Evangelist, Workday

"This journey has reinvigorated a core part of our DNA: our entrepreneurial spirit and the focus on the outcomes we create rather than the outputs."

Transitioning From Outputs to Outcomes

Transitioning From Outputs to Outcomes

Tina Murphy, Chief Revenue Officer, GHX

"The journey from output to outcome has given us a common language. It strengthened muscles that allowed us to think clearly about what outcomes we were looking for, and how to measure them."

Microsoft Journey: Managing Epic Growth

Focus on Outcomes, Not Output

A good OKR process shifts the organization from an output to an Outcome Mindset. Listen to this 2-minute sound bite for examples and guidance.

IBM Journey: Operational Excellence at Scale

Shifting from Output to an Outcome Mindset

Nanci Taylor, Vice President, Digital Strategy at IBM

In this 2-minute sound bite, Nanci Taylor talks about driving the shift from an activity mindset to an Outcome Mindset at IBM.

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