Sameera Moinpour

Sameera Moinpour

Marketing Communications Coordinator, Workboard

Sameera Moinpour is the marketing communications coordinator at Workboard Inc. She works closely with business leaders to share their leadership wisdom and management insights in traditional and social media, video, webinars and training courses.

HWY 55 COO Shares His 7 Keys to Success and Scale

Sameera MoinpourSameera Moinpour  ::  Thu, February 5, 2015  ::  Strategy & Execution

Creating a great business and successful franchise is art and science, timing and luck. While luck and timing are largely out of your control, Neal Dennis and the team at Hwy 55 Burgers Shakes & Fries can teach us a lot about the art and science of success. In a recent conversation with me, Neal shared key elements and tools that support their great success.

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